how to draw Drawkill Foxy


To start off, begin the outline sketch of the body shape, including the hook.


Next comes the head. Start with the forehead, along with the right ear. The spikes on his head are next, with the left ear in between. Move on to the face and draw the eye and eyepatch, along with the long spikes. Those ones are supposed to resemble    


In this step, begin with the upper torso of the body. Start by drawing a large letter N, with scars showing where the torso cuts off. Also draw two crescent shapes for the shoulder. Don't forget those spikes!


Complete the torso by drawing the rib cage. Try your best in drawing this part because it is difficult to explain how to do it. So after the rib cage, draw the spine and upper left arm.


Draw the metallic slabs that join the make the forearm and add the elbow spike. Then, draw the large hook on the end of the arm. Make it look as sharp as possible.


Now, draw the hip and The leg behind the hook. Then draw the right leg. This one is separated by two metal bars. The knee joint is next, as it is made of hollow cylinders. Then draw the lower leg sections, with drawing the wiring to complete it.


The final step is to draw the thin right arm with a round-ish hand with boney fingers.


Now you are finished! The last thing you need to do now is, coloring it any color you like.

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April 9, 2015

Description: Hello, Denthil45620 here. Today I give you a tutorial on how to draw Drawkill Foxy, a fan-made animatronic.

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