How to Draw Five Nights at Freddys

Artist: Dawn / March 10, 2015

Step 1.

We will begin by drawing four circles for four heads.

Step 2.

Up next, draw in the ears for three of the characters which includes Freddy, Bonnie and Foxy. Chica doesn't get ears. Instead give Chica a tuft of feather on top of the head. Foxy also gets some hair on the head too.

Step 3.

Now we will add some simple detailing. For Freddy, draw in his top hat, then add detailing inside the ears. For Bonnie just draw the detailing inside the ears, for Chica, add a small shape for where the mouth will be and finally for Foxy, draw his ch   

Step 4.

Let's finish off all four characters by drawing and coloring in the eyes, nose and mouths. Don't forget to draw the eye patch on Foxy as well.

Step 5.

Here is the line art when you are done. Now you can color in all four characters.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 10, 2015
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Description: In light of how popular Five Nights at Freddy's is I thought it would be fun to make a simple lesson on how to draw Five Nights at Freddy's in a chibi style format. I got the idea to make the four most popular characters this way when I stumbled upon an old tut I made on chibi One Direction a while back and I thought that the idea would be a good one for the Five Night's at Freddy's characters. Anyways, this will be a fun tut to tackle so go ahead and give it a go. I will be back soon with more lessons for you all so stay tuned in.