How to Draw Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII

Artist: finalprodigy / November 26, 2011

Step 1.

Start out by picking your pencils. I used an HB pencil for sketching/shading, a 2B pencil for dark shading, and 4H and 2H pencils for light shading and lines.

Step 2.

Start out with a basic sketch. Sketch down the blue guidelines before the orange ones. Don't worry about making everything perfect. Just try to get a decent representation of the figure and clothing.

Step 3.

Your sketch should end up looking something like this.

Step 4.

Now start defining your lines. I used a 2H pencil for this but a sharp HB pencil will do just fine. Work from top to bottom starting with the face.

Step 5.

Next define the hair a bit more. Pay attention to the direction of each strand.

Step 6.

Define the left side of his armor more.

Step 7.

Define the rest of the lines.

Step 8.

Now, roughly sketch in the background. The lighter lines are HB pencil and the darker ones are 2B.

Step 9.

Blend in your shading using a blending stump.

Step 10.

Start shading by starting at the face. You'll most likely return to the face again before your drawing is complete so just aim to add a basic layer of shading. I relied mostly on my 4H, 2H, and HB pencils for this.

Step 11.

Draw in more strands of hair using 2H and 4H pencils. Don't worry about the shadows and highlights yet.

Step 12.

Blend over the hair lines and add some shading using an HB pencil. Erase away the highlights as well. Don't bother with the hair that is falling over his chest yet.

Step 13.

Start shading in his armor and clothing on the left side. You can use a needle or just a sharp object to add in the scratches on his armor. Use 4H and 2H pencils on the lighter parts of the armor and HB and 2B pencils for the dark shading.

Step 14.

Add a few more layers of shading and redefine your lines.

Step 15.

Now go ahead and add some rough shading to the right side. Mind the strands of hair.

Step 16.

Finish up the drawing by adding more layers of shading to the torso, darkening and redefining the face, and cleaning up the background. Also try to define those single stray strands of hair as much as you can. The add a lot to the drawing. I hope you   

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: Hey everyone, here's another Final Fantasy tutorial. This time I'll be showing you how to draw Sephiroth, the main antagonist of the Final Fantasy VII universe.