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How to Draw a Chibi Sephiroth from Final Fantasy

Artist: mstormw / January 4, 2013
How to Draw a Chibi Sephiroth from Final Fantasy

Step 1.

Okay, let's start out by marking down some guidelines. Yeah I know he looks a bit half man, half shopping trolley at the moment, but all will become clear, don't worry! This is a chibi, so he will only be 2-3 heads tall, and notice that the wing is a   

Step 2.

Okay, I've zoomed in a bit here, so you can see the detail better. I've put the face shape and eyes in the same step because some people find it easier to draw the face shape after the eyes and vice versa with others, so do whatever works for you. No   

Step 3.

Okay, now draw in the eyebrows. Note again how one is foreshortened with the 3/4 angle. Also, you can begin to mark in the hair in the typical Japanese style, where the hair stands up dramatically from the parting,then back down, creating an upside-d   

Step 4.

Now use the small circles as bases for the shoulder armour. Notice how the foreground shoulder pad covers the vast majority of the circle, whereas the left hand one only covers half. You can also draw in the collar of his jacket, to be extended later   

Step 5.

Next, draw the detail on the rounded shoulder plate, add the chest plate and extend the shoulder armour in the foreground. You can also draw the arm, making sure to leave enough of a gap between the wrist and the long curved line for the hand to gras   

Step 6.

For this step, I would draw the square-ish hilt of the sword first, then the hand, and then the rest of the sword. The grey guideline we drew earlier depicts the bottom edge of the sword and handle, which curves much more dramatically than the top ed   

Step 7.

Now that the sword is done, we can draw in the rest of the hair. Using the 2nd circle as a guideline, draw in the hair on the left hand side. note how towards the tip of the hair, it drifts away from the circle, then curls back in and overlaps the sw   

Step 8.

Zooming out a little now, we're going to draw in the long flowing coat. First, draw in the lines above the sword, following the guidelines to get the basic shape of the torso. Then, the top edge of the foreground section of coat basically cuts the re   

Step 9.

Okay, zoomed back in for this step, just to do some of the finer details on the coat and torso, such as the creases, buckles and the straps across his chest. You can also just about see the stomach plate above and below the sword, and the chest plate   

Step 10.

This is the last stage if you want to draw Sephiroth without his wing, and it's the easiest one yet! Boots. Doesn't really require much explanation, just follow the guidelines for positioning, and my drawing for shape.

Step 11.

We're going to do the wings in four stages because the wing is broken down into four segments. To look at each segment individually makes it easier to get the overall shape right. So, divide your wing guide into four segments as shown.

Step 12.

The first segment is actually surprisingly square when you look at it by it's self. It's the part that is attached to the body, so it's not covered with feathery detail. Just as a side note, if you want to make your wings look more realistic, try ta   

Step 13.

The second segment is simply an extension of the first, however notice how the feathers appear slightly longer, and how they curve rather than sit in a straight line. Also, the feathers are shorter at the bottom of the wing than at the top.

Step 14.

The angle of the feathers in this segment are dramatically different to those in the first. Again, the feathers start small and get gradually bigger, ending up longer than in the segment before. This segment also curves as the last one did.

Step 15.

Last step, the final segment of wing. These feathers are both longer and thicker than the others, making all the difference between a nice-looking wing like in the last step and a massive, elegant, dramatic wing in this step (maybe I'm over dramatisi   

Step 16.

And that, my friends, is it! Now you have your very own chibi-fied, cute-ified and slightly camp-ified Sephiroth drawing, with a kickass sword and wing! I hope you found this tut helpful to make a daunting character more approachable to draw, but whe   

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Artist: mstormw
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Description: Okay, this is a requested tutorial to draw Final Fantasy VII's main villain/ antagonist, Sephiroth. I have tried to make it as cute and easy as possible to draw, because lets face it, everything is better in chibi :)