How to Draw Chibi Lightning


Start this step by making a circle for the head shape, and then draw out the body. You will then need to draw in the facial guidelines so drawing in her face is a lot easier.


The next thing I want you guys to do is sketch out the shape of chibi Lightning's face like you see here and then draw out her bangs which should be sort of long,. chunky and pointed. Add some detailing and then move along to step three.


Now that the face shape is all drawn in, you can start using the face guides to sketch out the large shapes of her eyes. The eye to the left is a whole lot smaller because her face is being drawn from a 3/4 view. Once the eyes are drawn in, draw out    


Just finish drawing out her hair which is blowing to the left. There should also be strands perking from the top, and then the ends should be separated in three chunks. Be sure to draw the points and you're done for this step.


Draw the thick neck, and then begin sketching out her top which consists of collar flaps, and sleeves. Draw in her chibi sized breasts and move to step six.


All you have to do here is draw in her small arms and hands before you continue to draw out the rest of her clothing. Once the arms are drawn, you can finish the top by drawing the length of her jacket. Also make sure to draw in a split line in the m   


Almost done guys so remain patient. All you have to do is draw out the design detailing on her sleeve, chest, and make the lining for her belt. Also add some details inside of the top on her chest.


For the last step all you have to do is draw out the legs, feet, and cape. Add some detailing to the legs like you see here and begin cleaning up your drawing so that chibi Lightning looks good.


Here it is guys, the finished drawing of what Lightning looks like as a chibi. As you can see she is all ready for color and if you followed this tutorial correctly, you should have an awesome drawing.

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July 14, 2011

Description: I have a tutorial request up next and it’s actually going to be on a character from the Final Fantasy series. I was asked to make a step by step lesson on "how to draw chibi Lightning". At first I didn’t have a concept as to how to start the drawing from start to finished, but eventually I came up with a plan and the result is something epic. Drawing a chibi version of Lightning was really easy, but I knew it had to also be colorful, and a little challenging. Lightning is a popular figure in the Final Fantasy video game series and because of this I even made a regular tutorial on her which can be found in the Video Game section under the Pop Culture category. The coloring also ended up coming out pretty sweet too because the hues of purple and pink that I decided to go with really makes this chibi version of Lightning snap, crackle, and pop. If you choose to tackle this tutorial, and you follow each step that you see, you will end up with a drawing that has a lot of character, and pizazz. Final Fantasy blew up in a big way and I can still remember when I played the first release. There is nothing more exciting than learning how to draw your favorite character from the game in chibi form. So have fun guys with drawing chibi Lightning and be sure to let me know what you thought of the tutorial when you’re done.

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