How to Draw Ifrit, FFX

Artist: finalprodigy / July 7, 2011

Step 1.

Here are the pencils that I used for this tutorial. I used a .3mm mechanical pencil with B lead for thin lines and a .5 mm mechanical pencil for the thicker lines. You can draw the lines without mechanical pencils, just make sure that your pencils ar   

Step 2.

You want to start out with a clean and simple sketch. A regular HB pencil will do for this. As long as you follow the orange and blue guidelines you shouldn't have too much trouble getting the basic sketch down. (click image to enlarge)

Step 3.

Time to start defining some lines. Use B and 2B pencils work well for this. You can also use HB. Just remember to keep your lines fairly clean as you start with the top half of the head.

Step 4.

Add in the hair and "sideburns."

Step 5.

Add in the the jaw and beard.

Step 6.

And finish up by outlining the horns and chest. Erase any extra lines before you start shading.

Step 7.

Sketch in the same order as you outlined. Use a 2H pencil for light shading and an HB for darker shading. Mechanical pencils don't work as well as regular wood pencils when it comes down to shading.

Step 8.

After you are done with the top half of the head shade in the horns.

Step 9.

Finish up with the bottom jaw. Erase any smudges around the drawing.

Step 10.

Now, shade in the negative space (white space. Blend using a paper towel or cloth.

Step 11.

Finish up the drawing by erasing a flame pattern within the mouth. Use a 2H pencil to add some light shading here and there. I had lots of fun with this tutorial and hope that you will too!

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