How to Draw Schnitzel

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In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes to create a frame for Schnitzel. Start by drawing a long squared box for his head, face and neck all in one. After that you can then add the facial guidelines. From that long shape    


Now in this step you will draw the two lumps for his ears and then draw the circles for his eyes and add the finishing touches to his mouth. Shape out the head and then start drawing out the lining for the arms and then draw out the shape of the apro   


Now start this step by adding the simple lines on his chest for his chest hair. Detail his apron with some wrinkle lines. You will now draw his big thick nails there are four on each hand. So far this tutorial is pretty simple right?


In this step you will first detail the eyes by shading in the inside and then just add two dots for his pupils. Now you will start adding the scratch marks that are scattered through out his body. Then you will add his toe nails which consist of two    


This is what your Schnitzel should look like when you are complete. All you have to do is color him in and then place him in your completed sketches folder. That is it, you just finished this tutorial on how to draw Schnitzel from Chowder step by ste   

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September 12, 2008

Description: Hello everyone I am back with another tutorial from a Cartoon Network character that is extremely funny even though he has very little to say. Today you will be learning "how to draw Schnitzel", from the animated series Chowder. For a long time I was very confused on what kind of creatures the Chowder characters where. At first I thought Chowder was some kind of raccoon, but I later found out that he was a mixture of animals such as a rabbit, cat and bear. Schnitzel is a rock monster and professional chef that works in the kitchen with master chef Mung Daal and aids him with his catering business. The reason why I say he is a funny character is because whenever he tries to convey something the only words that come out if his mouth are “rad-da rad-da” , and to me that is funny. Even though his vocabulary is extremely limited to rad-da, he sometimes says “oh” and “okay”. Because he is a rock monster he has incredible strength and is often used to lift heavy objects and has the task of clean up duty. Schnitzel is always in a bad mood and is often heard talking under his breath. He may be a big lug with a big mug; he has a certain soft spot for Chowder. Even though he likes Chowder, he often gets sick and tired of Chowder's antics. So sick in fact there are times when he just simply gets irritated and mad. I like the whole show and all the characters in it. There was this one episode when Chowder lost his hat and he has to run all kinds of errands for a bunch of different people just to get it back. Another cool thing about the characters of the Chowder series is that they are all named after food. Chowder is of course chowder; Mung Daal is an orange yellow colored Middle Eastern bean. Schnitzel is a European dish that consists of thin slices of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried; it can either be eaten alone or as a sandwich. Schnitzel is a fun character to draw and I had a lot of fun with him. You will learn how to draw Schnitzel from Chowder step by step. The instructions are super simple and I know you will have no problems with this drawing tutorial.

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