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How to Draw Chowder

Artist: Dawn / July 20, 2010
How to Draw Chowder

Step 1.

Start by making a circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. The next thing you will do is draw out the shape of Chowder's body, and then draw two twig lines for the arms.

Step 2.

You will now begin drawing the fluffy shape of Chowder's hat which forks off in two pieces. After that, begin drawing out the shape of his head too.

Step 3.

Now draw out the large, wide open mouth, add a tooth, and then a tongue. Next, draw out his eyes, and then the nose. Move onto making the shapes for his sleeves and or arms, and then draw out his excited hands.

Step 4.

Finish drawing out his clothes, and then begin drawing his bottom, and then the feet and tail. Once that is done draw out the trim around the bottom of the shirt like so, and then make two dots on the eyes.

Step 5.

Here is how your character Chowder looks when you are all done. Color him in and you are all set. Great job guys!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 20, 2010
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Description: I know what you guys must be asking yourselves, “how in the heck did she upload four lessons so fast?”. The answer to that is simple, I wrote out my tutorials in advance while I was waiting for the rain to stop. Why does that have anything to do with my lessons you ask? Well, whenever it rains, I loose a good portion of my internet reception. Having said that, let's get onto the next tutorial that is going up as soon as I am done writing out this description. For a while now, I have been thinking of old tutorials that would make a great candidate for a double. What I mean by that is, there is some very popular cartoon series that are still out and about, with fantastic characters that deserve to have another lesson created on them. Because of this, I chose Chowder as my third candidate. Today, I will reteach you "how to draw Chowder", step by step. I can remember the exact day when I watched the very first episode of Chowder when it was released to Cartoon Network. I fell in love with the series immediately, and so did my two sisters. We where just relaxing on the couch and all of sudden Chowder came on. We where like, “have you ever heard of this show before?”. I can remember saying “nope, never”, and my sister said “me either”. Anyway, this lesson turned out pretty good, and I personally think it looks better then the original one I did some years ago. Nowadays Chowder, Mung Daal, and Shnitzel, makes watching Chowder all that much more interesting. I hope you guys enjoy learning "how to draw Chowder", step by step because I had a blast creating him. That does it for this submission, I will return in a bit with more exciting lesson to learn from. Peace out people, and have an awesome drawing day.