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How to Draw Panini

Artist: chowder / December 4, 2009
How to Draw Panini

Step 1.

OK first do the head ear band type of thing and draw out the beginning of her ears

Step 2.

so far so good k here you do the rest of her ears and the lines inside and begin the head

Step 3.

do the eyes and shape of the cheeks

Step 4.

ok do the body skirt type thing and the left arm

Step 5.

do the heart and dots on her shirt and the right hand the stick for the flag and the foam hand on her left hand

Step 6.

ok almost done hear do the dots on her head band the flag on the stick and teeth and tongue

Step 7.

ok this is the last step do the eyelashes and the chin mark do the shadow

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Artist: chowder
Date Added: December 4, 2009
Steps: 7
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Tags: draw chowder, how to draw characters from chowder, draw chowder characters, how to draw chowder characters
Description: OK today were gonna learn to draw Panini from chowder we all know that she can be a really annoying sometimes but your gonna draw her.