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How to Draw Chowder Characters

Artist: chowder / November 25, 2009
How to Draw Chowder Characters

Step 1.

I know this tut is a little different than the others but right here you're gonna do the first details of his hat and two lines of his face don't forget the little shadows on the lines and the line on his hat.

Step 2.

All you do here is finish the hat remember the three little bumps on top and the shape of his face.

Step 3.

Here you start with the shirt chowder wears then do the hands do a strait line down his face and two across it.

Step 4.

All u do here is do ovals for the eyes and areas the parts for the nose and his adorable cheeks don't forget the three lines in it do the feet like half ovals and the tail once again don't forget the shadow under him to show that hes on the ground p   

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Artist: chowder
Date Added: November 25, 2009
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Tags: draw chowder, how to draw characters from chowder, draw chowder characters, how to draw chowder characters
Description: hayo I just signed up as u can tell I love Chowder and that is why I will be showing you "<strong>how to draw Chowder characters</strong>"he is awesome and that's what I'll be teaching you to draw today CHOWDER!!!!!!!!!