How to Draw Truffles from Chowder


Draw an egg shape for the shape of Truffles head and then add her facial guidelines. You will then draw out the guidelines for her mushroom top head or hat and then move to the next step.


As you know Truffles wears a pair of big thick glasses. That is what you will draw now. Make two circles not perfect in shape and connect them as you see here for her big bifocals.


Draw the actual shape of her face chin and all and then add a chin, mouth and the arms of the glasses as seen here.


Give her some squinty looking eyes and then color them in. You will start drawing out the top of her mushroom cap that is a part of her head.


Draw a big mushroom cap top and then begin drawing out Truffles hair style on the sides of her head.


Finish off the curly hair and then detail Truffles mushroom top. Begin drawing out her arms and then move to the next drawing step were you will learn how to draw Truffles body.


Finish drawing out Truffles body by finishing the arms, hands and her dress and then draw out her small feet. Add some sagging boobs and then add some detail to her mushroom cap. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one, and move   


Well here you have it, I present to you Truffles. Color her in to complete her look and you have just finished this tutorial on "how to draw Truffles from Chowder step by step".

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May 25, 2009

Description: Well the characters from Chowder will now be complete with this tutorial that I will be submitting today. A member of DragoArt requested that I do a lesson on “how to draw Truffles from Chowder step by step”. Truffles is the wife of Mung Daal and she is one fiery mushroom pixie. Although Truffles is mentally practical, she lacks the ability to stay calm, cool, and collective. The reason why I say this is because she has such a bad temper when it comes to dealing with her husband, the catering staff which is virtually just Shitzel, and the customers that want their service. Mung Daal leaves all the catering business responsibilities to Truffles because she has more of a business nature than he does. There was this one episode where she was trying to force the fruits to produce juice but they wouldn't because she was so incredibly mean. Once she calmed down and became more relaxed and cool minded, she found that being mean all the time really doesn't pay. They all became friends and produce a bunch of juice. This was a fun character to draw and I think that you will like it as well. Learning “how to draw Truffles from Chowder step by step” is fun, bright and even a bit funny. Well, get busy and start drawing out this Chowder character and I will get bust by submitting more lessons for you all.

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