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How to Draw Mung Daal as Thriller

Artist: chowder / November 28, 2009
How to Draw Mung Daal as Thriller

Step 1.

O-tay start with Mungs big honkin nose like a circle do his glasses and begin his hair.

Step 2.

Ok, here you start with ears and the hair that comes behind it fill in the teeth and do the neck and begin his clothes.

Step 3.

Start with the eyebrows the clothes and his arms.

Step 4.

Almost done do the legs shoes rest of arms gloves and do the shadow underneath.

Step 5.

Draw out the eye, and the chin mark your done, bye.

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Artist: chowder
Date Added: November 28, 2009
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Tags: draw chowder, how to draw characters from chowder, draw chowder characters, how to draw chowder characters
Description: I love CHOWDER today you are gonna learn how to draw Mung doing Thriller. First I love M.J. Thriller is my 4th favorite, First is Beat It. So I will try to make more steps by taken it slow ok ok ok ok SAY OK! good lets get started ok ok ok SAY OK! good