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How to Draw Reptile, Mortal Kombat, Reptile

Artist: KingTutorial / July 12, 2011
How to Draw Reptile, Mortal Kombat, Reptile

Step 1.

Ok, let's start off the base drawing with a circle for the chest and one for the head. Draw in the shape of the pelvis, then add the arms, legs, hands and feet. Draw a center line down the character's body. The head is turned in a different direction   

Step 2.

Let's get some of these straps out of the way before we tackle the body details. The straps begin on either side of the neck, and cross each other on the upper chest. One strap has a buckle on the lower half. All the curves bend in a similar directio   

Step 3.

Outline the head, emphasizing the cheekbones, eyebrow and chin. Draw a big pair of Spider-Man-like eye holes, and draw the seam running down the center of the mask.

Step 4.

The sections of Reptile's armor mimic the shape of his muscles. Outline the chest and stomach muscles, as well as the outside edge of the torso. There are two buckles on the chest section of the armor. On his left side, a strap is visible going over    

Step 5.

..and there you have it. There are three sections to the shoulder armor that overlap like lizard scales. Each panel has a metal rim. Be sure to curve the armor around the shape of the arm.

Step 6.

Draw in the snake-shaped belt buckle, and then the belt itself.

Step 7.

Add details to the belt, including buckles, patches and spikes (or claws). On the chest, add straps connection from the buckles to the first straps we drew. It's ok to let the lines overlap. Draw seam lines down the chest and stomach sections. On the   

Step 8.

To make drawing the arms easier, start with the hands. The upper hand is grasping a sword, so you're essentially drawing a loose fist. The lower hand is giving a sort of palm thrust, so the fingers are tucked in above the open palm.

Step 9.

With the hands in place, outline the shape of the forearm armor and the lower and upper arms.

Step 10.

Next draw the straps that hold the armor in place, and add spikes to the armor itself.

Step 11.

Move down below the belt and draw the loin cloth. The seam down the middle is a continuation of the lines running down the stomach.

Step 12.

More detailing on the loin cloth. These details are somewhat optional, but the more realistic you want your drawing to be, the more details you should add.

Step 13.

Next outline the shape of the shin guards. These also cover the knees. The shape matches the form of the lower leg, wider at the calf and narrower at the ankle and below the knee.

Step 14.

Add the straps that hold the shin guards in place.

Step 15.

Now add the cross pattern that covers the inner section of the armor. There are three rivets at the top and bottom of each shin guard.

Step 16.

With the "covering" shapes drawn, fill in the cloth-covered legs. The fabric is loose-fitting, so there are large, flowing wrinkles. The wrinkles on the back of the calf are tighter.

Step 17.

The pattern on the side of Reptile's pants match the loin cloth and stomach.

Step 18.

Secondary details on the pant design.

Step 19.

When drawing monster or dinosaur-like feet, I like to draw the claws first. I start by drawing a wrinkle over the top of the claw, and then continue that line to complete the entire shape.

Step 20.

Complete the feet, adding claws to the heels. Then move up to the face and draw in the eyes and the surrounding wrinkles. The eyes are spaced wider apart than a normal human's would be. They're almost on the sides of his head.

Step 21.

Fill in the details of the mask, complete with snake-like nostrils ;)

Step 22.

Finally, draw in the hilt of Reptile's sword. The crossbar is covered in scales, and there are claws on either end. The handle is wrapped with leather straps.

Step 23.

The final line art. I think we managed to get most of the details into this drawing while maintaining a simple style. I had fun working on this, and I hope you had fun drawing along. Be sure to post your art when you're finished. Thanks for viewing!

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