How to Draw Shockwave, Shockwave, Dark of the Moon


Let's start off the base drawing with a circle for the chest and a smaller one for the head. Draw a triangular shape beneath the chest for the pelvis. On the left of the image, draw a diamond-like shield shape. This will be the base for Shockwave's a   


Next draw a peanut shape for each of the upper arms and upper legs (including the knees).


Now lay out the feet, forearms, and the blade on Shockwave's left arm.


Begin the line art by drawing the ribs on Shockwave's chest. These are rather graphic and exaggerated shapes. Think of a bat wing when you draw these.


Next draw the cross-like shape beneath the ribs. Then move up and draw the main shapes of the shoulders. Wow, they look like brussel sprouts. These are basically ball shapes, but you want to make them as sharp and angular as possible. Wrap the armor    


Continue drawing the arms down to the elbow. We have the same basic idea here. You can look at this section of the arm as a loose diamond shape. Fill the shape in with angular panels.


Outline the torso behind the ribs. Then begin detailing the pelvis. The primary shapes are the crotch plate and the spikes coming off the hips.


Now move to the "shield" and lay down some of the larger panels.


Start adding the finer details on the shield, and also add detail to the ribs and armor panels on the torso.


Here you can fill in the gun-like portions of Shockwave's arm cannon.


As you move to the legs, think about the shapes of human leg muscles. Shockwave's armor panels mimic those shapes. Draw the leaf-like shape of the kneecaps. Keep everything looking sharp and jagged. Connect all the panels to close in the shape of the   


Shockwave's feet and lower legs are pretty complex, so begin with the bottom section and work your way up. The main feature here is the single toe spike that sticks up in the middle of the front of each foot.


Now draw the two spikes on either side of the first. It's almost like a triceratops. Although this guy is made of metal, he has a very organic look.


Fill in the armor panels of the lower leg using the same method you used for the thighs.


Move upward to draw the shield-like armor on Shockwave's left arm. These panels reminded me of a snapping turtle's shell.


Draw in the elbow area on each arm using smaller shapes. Add the knuckles to the end of Shocky's left arm.


Now draw the fingers to complete the hand. Shockwave has a lot of tiny details on his fingertips, so you can indicate this by dragging your lines out to sharp points or claws.


Outline the main sections of the arm blade. Keep the outline sharp and jagged to make the weapon look dangerous. Don't just use smooth curves.


Fill in the details of the blade. The opposing diagonal lines create an interesting, almost crystaline texture.


Now it's time to outline the shape of the head. It's essentially a ball with spikes coming off the sides, almost like bat ears in a weird way. Connect the head to the body by drawing the neck "muscles" and fill in the details of the chest. These are    


Finally the details of the face. Shockwave has a single eye in the center of his head. His face has a strong insectoid look, with a column of little mandibles in place of a mouth nose.


Now you can go in and add details all over the place. Bulk up the outline to make it even all the way around the drawing. Add dust and scratches, as well as panel lines.


I nearly forgot to add the power cable that runs from Shockwave's arm cannon to his back. This is an odd angle for that, so I just added a small section of cable. Thus, you have the final line art. I really hope you enjoyed the tutorial. It was fun t   

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July 11, 2011

Description: In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to draw somewhat simplified version of Shockwave, the villain from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Reference material is a bit scarce for this guy, so we'll be basing this design off a combination of concept art, promotional photos and the Shockwave action figure.

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