How to Draw Mileena, Mileena, Mortal Kombat

Artist: KingTutorial / October 12, 2011

Step 1.

Let's start off with the usual guide lines. We have a large shape for the ribcage, and a smaller shape for the pelvis. Draw a rounded shape for the head. Then add the bones of the arms and legs, ending in the hands and feet. Mark the knees and we can   

Step 2.

Lighten your sketch or guide lines and start to draw the outline of the hair. Because the hair hangs over the face, we'll draw it first. Even though I've simplified it here, you should be able to see the different sections of hair.

Step 3.

Outline Mileena's face mask and begin drawing her neck.

Step 4.

Add the eyes and eyebrows, and some more neck outline. If you're going for realism, you don't want to see the eye overlapping the hair. In a lot of anime and manga, though, you'll see the artist showing the eye through the hair. How you choose to do    

Step 5.

Draw the collar bones and indicate the upper pectorals meeting in the center of the chest.

Step 6.

Draw the breasts, along with the pectoral muscles stretching out toward the upper arms.

Step 7.

Outline the muscles of the upper arms. Each arm is at a different angle, so don't draw the arms exactly the same. Use a mirror for reference.

Step 8.

Outline the torso, showing the curves of the waist.

Step 9.

Draw the center line of the stomach, along with the belly button. Add a V-shape for the crotch below.

Step 10.

Build up the muscles of the upper legs, all the way to the knees. Don't forget the gracilis muscles on the inner edge of the thigh.

Step 11.

Now draw the lower legs, down to the feet.

Step 12.

We'll draw Mileena's sai weapons now. I think it's best to draw an object first, so it's easier to draw the fingers wrapping around it. Get some reference for these weapons.

Step 13.

With the sais in place, we can draw the hands. After the hands, we can connect the forearm to the elbow, and the body is pretty much done.

Step 14.

Moving on to the costume, let's start by drawing the cut-out on the front of Mileena's outfit. I guess she's basically wearing a swimsuit with gloves and boots. Anyway, try to follow the curves of the body when you draw these lines.

Step 15.

Now for the clothing edges on the hips and shoulders... There's also a band that wraps around the ribcage, just under the breasts. Draw a stripe for the top and bottom edge of that band.

Step 16.

Draw the cut-out on her side. Then draw the crossing straps on her chest and lower stomach.

Step 17.

Here we'll draw the tops of Mileena's boots and gloves. We can also draw in the soles and heels of her boots.

Step 18.

Draw the spike pattern within the upper edge of Mileena's boots, and draw the same pattern on her mask. The spikes resemble monster or snake teeth here.

Step 19.

Draw the knee pads and the design on them. We can go ahead and draw the ankle straps as well.

Step 20.

Draw the long stripes running down the length of Mileena's legs. These stripes also wrap around the top of the boot, the knee, the ankles and the toes. Draw arm bands just under her shoulders. Draw small curves on her fingers to finish the fingerless   

Step 21.

For the final detail, draw a fishnet pattern between the spikes at the tops of her boots.

Step 22.

The finished line art. Don't forget to go back and erase any overlapping lines you might have. I think I may have missed a few tiny ones here and there. Yikes.

Step 23.

As an added bonus, I've drawn up Mileena's monsterous secret. Here are some steps to help you draw her unmasked face... Notice how I broke up the lines of the eyes where they overlapped with the hair. Normally you wouldn't want to draw a lot of wrink   

Step 24.

When drawing monster teeth, sometimes I like to draw by drawing the gums. It's an easy way to figure out where each tooth is going to go, and once to have the "pit" of each tooth, you can play around with the angles when you draw the actual teeth. Fo   

Step 25.

Finally, we have the fully colored artwork. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I hope you guys agree.

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Description: Hey guys. More Mortal Kombat coming your way. This time we have Mileena. I'll be drawing her in an action pose with her sais, as well as drawing her unmasked face. Hope you enjoy!