How to Draw Sonya Blade, Mortal Kombat

Artist: KingTutorial / October 7, 2011

Step 1.

You know the drill. Start off with guide lines. This time it'll be a little different. For the chest, we want it flat across the top for the line of the collar bones and shoulders. Then we'll complete the ribcage with a large curve. The breast will h   

Step 2.

We'll start off by drawing the main hair that's actually attached to Sonya's scalp. Start by drawing the bangs in front. At first I only planned for two, but things got a little crazy in there. Draw the center part line in her hair, and then curves o   

Step 3.

I think I mixed something up with the steps, here, so we have a very simple step. Draw a U for the face and jaw line.

Step 4.

The face. Draw it. ;) I should do a tutorial on drawing different female faces. This one may be a bit manly, actually, but hey... she's a fighter. She's taken a few punches to the face.

Step 5.

Draw the neck and the collar of her army vest thing. I don't think this shirt is standard issue. Exposing the chest probably wouldn't be practical on the battlefield, but oh well. With the guide lines in place, we can wrap the fabric around the shape   

Step 6.

Here we'll draw the collar bones, the breasts, and the outer edge of the shoulder "straps." Try to give the breasts some weight. Don't just use perfect circles or even perfect ovals. They should sag down and outward to the sides a bit.

Step 7.

The main thing here is adding pouches to the vest. There's a small pocket on one breast, and a police badge or something on the other. On the actual skin, let's add some small dashes to indicate the underside of the collar bones. Also draw in the cen   

Step 8.

Finishing up the vest. Note the way the fabric overlaps, and the wrinkles on the bottom sides.

Step 9.

Bulk out the seem lines on the inside of the vest and add detail to the collar. The collar has a sort of padded look to it.

Step 10.

Draw in the belt. Yikes, I think I had the image flipped when I drew the belt on. Check your own belt, if you're wearing one, to figure out which way the end is supposed to hang. I guess technically it works either way, and who's going to tell Sonya    

Step 11.

Adding some straps here. No idea what their purpose is. I noticed that some of our previous lines were pretty thin, so I went in and bulked them up a bit here.

Step 12.

GUNS. That is, arms. Like I said above, this is a kind of cartoony version on Sonya, so I went and gave her some pretty massive arm muscles. You can adjust these to match your personal preference.

Step 13.

Draw the elbows and forearms. Note the tendons that will connect to the underside of the wrist on *her* left arm.

Step 14.

Now finish up the hands with fingerless gloves. Draw the hand and knuckles before the fingers. Sounds like common sense, but you'd be surprised.

Step 15.

Arm straps. I can only guess the character designer felt she needed some extra design elements, thus the random straps everywhere. I actually toned it down a bit here.

Step 16.

Draw the dog tags hanging at her collar bones. Draw one rectangle and then a second underneath it. The overlap will give them a natural look. Next draw in the pony tail. Start by drawing one large S-curve. For the second S-curve, start close to where   

Step 17.

Draw in the kneepads. You can keep them pretty simple. I decided to mess around with the shapes a bit. Just think "rounded rectangles." Also draw the straps that wrap around the back of the knees.

Step 18.

Starting at the knees, draw long curves upward to form the thighs. On the inner thigh, the quad muscle Vastus Medialis curves into the leg a bit. Continue the inner thigh shape by drawing the Gracilis muscle connecting to the pelvis.

Step 19.

Using the guide lines, draw in the pelvis itself, with some wrinkles where the legs connect. We can also add some seem lines here.

Step 20.

Next draw the outline of the lower legs and feet. Think of the drumstick on a chicken leg. Same thing here, except with a foot at the end. Remember, the inner bump of the ankle is slightly higher than the outer bump.

Step 21.

Start this step by drawing the knot in the boot laces. Two loops and two dangly pieces. Behind that we can draw the top of the boot wrapping around the calf. Next draw a long spaghetti shape running down each side of the shin, connecting at the botto   

Step 22.

Here's where the detailing begins. The main thing here is the criss-crossing laces. I actually simplified them a bit into larger straps. Figuring out the overlap can be a bit confusing, though. If you want, you can just draw X's running up the length   

Step 23.

Here's the crazy detail stage. Completely optional. Just lots of stitches, seam lines, dirt, scratches, etc... I felt the hair looked a little weird, so I added some stray strands of hair coming out below the ears. I think it's a nice addition. Go ov   

Step 24.

...and that's it! Here's the finished line art. Phew! That detail really took a while, but it adds a whole new dimension to a relatively simple drawing. I hope you guys are enjoying these Mortal Kombat tutorials. Let me know which other characters yo   

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Description: Time for another Mortal Kombat tutorial. This time, it's Sonya Blade. Man, I always want to type Sonja with a J. Anyway, this is a slightly cartoony take on the character, but I hope you guys enjoy it. After this, I may try doing more simplified versions of the MK characters.