How to Draw Psylocke

Artist: Dawn / November 14, 2010

Step 1.

Begin with making an oval shape for her head, and then draw out her torso. When that is done you can begin adding the lines for her face, arms, and legs, and then draw a bowl like shape for the pelvic area.

Step 2.

For the second step, all you have to do is sketch out the entire outline of her body frame starting with the shape of her face. Once that is done begin sketching out the body starting with her neck, shoulders, arms, torso, waist, hips, and then her l   

Step 3.

Sketch out more of her face like the eyes, nose, and mouth. When that is done sketch out her long body filled hairstyle and then draw the top of her suit, and then draw the bottom piece as well. Next, draw the arm bands and gloves, and then draw out    

Step 4.

Add more lines on her thighs and then draw out the lining to show that she is wearing gloves. Once that is done draw in her belt, and then add some facial detailing to her face and hair. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean u   

Step 5.

This is what Psylocke looks like when she is all done being drawn out. Now you can start the coloring process to finish this beautiful Marvel Comics female figure. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial on how to draw Psylocke.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 14, 2010
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Description: The last comic book character I will be giving you a lesson on is also from the three part series of the X-Men flicks. Her name is Elizabeth Braddock and her father was a man from another dimension who was sent to earth to make a son who would later be the ultimate protector of Great Britain and of the Multiuniverse. So who is this mysterious female comic book character that is sister to Captain Britain anyway? Her name in the mutant world is Psylocke, and she has an amazing amount of power when it comes to mind control. Her curvy physic and purple colored hair are some of the characteristics that makes this chic recognizable. In X-Men: The Last Stand, she is seen with Magneto and his clan of mutants that are against anything that has to do with humans. But according to Marvel, and a comic book website called Comicvine, she is known as a villain, but then it is also written that she was part of X-Men. In the movie she is the girl with the short purple colored hair, and she wears a top and pants. She is a very complex character to write about because there is so many different stories to her life. Psylocke has lived a life of crime, and of heroism, but even though she has done some good in her life, she will always be a mutant that is confused on what side to be on. You can learn more detailed information on Psylocke just by going to the website I just provided. I hope you had fun reading this description on a very popular character. I will be back in a while with more drawing lessons for you all, but while you wait for me to come back, try this tutorial on "how to draw Psylocke". She should be very easy to draw, and even more exciting to color in. Adios people, and have a happy drawing day!