How to Draw Emma Frost

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Draw an egg shape for the head, and then draw out the torso, and hip area like you see here. You are making a frame for a human figure so you will be able to draw a woman's body. Once the two halves are drawn, you can then add the limb guidelines as    


Carefully draw out the shape of her head, neck, and entire body figure. Almost all Marvel comics female figures have a very curvy body, almost like an hourglass. Once this is done be sure to draw out the shapes of her breast, and then her feet.


Before you get too ahead of yourself, lets make sure that you sketch out her hairstyle. Emma Frost has parted long hair that is very straight and full of body. Next, sketch out her eyes, and nose, and then draw n her blouse, or top. Notice how she ha   


You have already come to the end of this lesson which means you will be finishing off Emma Frost right now. Add some hair strand lines for added texture, and then sketch in her lips and add some detailing to her eyes and nose. Sketch out the detailed   


Look how awesome Emma looks when she is all done. Now you can have even more fun coloring her in. I hope you all had fun with this tutorial on how to draw Emma Frost.

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November 13, 2010

Description: I wanted to draw two female figures created from Marvel Comics who are also considered to be part of the X-Men crew as well. Today I will be teaching you "how to draw Emma Frost", step by step. I am so happy of the way she came out. Emma Frost is one of the coolest Marvel characters because she is beautiful, blonde, and very sparkly. Emma's mutation enables herself to turn into stone cold diamonds, and I'm talking about her entire body turns into a flexible diamond substance which only becomes present in her transformed state. She grew up in Boston Massachusetts to a wealthy family. She has two sisters, and one brother and out of the bunch only Emma and her sisters carry the mutant gene. Her father wanted Emma to take over the family fortune but unfortunately she didn't want any part of it. She would much rather gain fortune and fame by working for it all on her own. Emma was later confronted by Charles Xavier to join his new group of mutant heroes called the X-Men, and at first she respectfully declined. Some time later she did decide to join forces with Xavier's team, and she did fairly well with them. Her super hero attire consists of a long white colored cape, white arm length gloves, white thigh high boots, and a two piece outfit that looks a lot like a bikini. When I drew her out I wanted to design a look for her that expressed her unusual features as I described earlier which is her diamond texture. So what I did was color her outfit a pearl white, and gave it a dense sparkle to resemble millions of small diamonds all over her clothes. I really like the way her body pose and face came out, and just for the record, she is going in my book of best drawn Marvel characters to date. I am really proud of this sketch, and I think you guys will have a blast learning "how to draw Emma Frost" too. I will be back with one more female figure from Marvel Comics so stay tuned in to see who it's going to be. Peace out people!

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