How to Draw Sabretooth

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You are about to draw a comic book character from Marvel Universe. You will start by sketching or drawing out the shapes and lines that will eventually form a frame for Sabretooth. First draw a circle for the head, and then sketch out the shape of th   


The next thing you are gonna want to do is draw out the shape of Sabretooth's face, add the eye lines, and then sketch in the shape of the chest, stomach, and thighs for his legs.


Now you can begin sketching out the facial features which obviously includes the brows, nose, and awful grinning mouth. The next thing you want to do is sketch out the long muscular arms, and then the rest of the legs which should also include the fe   


Now it's time to sketch out the furry or hairy wolf like shoulders, and his sloppy looking dog mane. Draw some horns or spikes on his elbows, and then draw out the hands which is more like claws. Add definition and detail to the chest, and arms.


Sketch out the grinding teeth, and then sketch out the muscle definition on the forearms, and then on the stomach. Draw the stripes on the thighs, and then erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Here is how your super villain looks when he is all done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Sabretooth, step by step. All you need to do now is color him in. That's it guys!

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October 21, 2010

Description: Now that I got the white rose lesson out of the way, I can upload the two Marvel characters I have in store for you today. I guess the reason why I wanted to draw this character in the lesson, is because he is the brother of Wolverine or Logan. I watched X-Men Origins yesterday which was all about Wolverine’s story and or background. Now let’s start talking about whom you are going to be drawing, and his background. I will be teaching you "how to draw Sabretooth", step by step. Sabretooth’s real name is Victor Creed, and what I have gathered so far with my readings and from watching Origins, he was abused by his father often which made Victor turn sour. Now even though lots of people believe that Logan is his brother, according to my findings, he is a half-brother in the movie, but according to Marvel Comics online, they are not. I read that Victor and Logan are just rivals that hate each other. Logan hates Victor because he killed Logan’s girlfriend Silver Fox, a Native American girl from a Canadian reserve, and Victor hates Logan because Logan is not afraid of him. The two dueled but unfortunately Sabretooth wins the battle. Victor changed his name to Sabretooth when he was an adult while he lived in a frontier. Obviously just by his presence and personality, everyone feared Sabretooth. He has always been an intimidating character from the start, and he will always be a villain that remains one of the best anti-heroes in the Marvel Comics Universe. I do hope you guys have fun learning "how to draw Sabretooth", and you can even read more information on Sabretooth to familiarize yourself with this character in much more detail. All I know is I loved him in X-Men Origins, and because of that movie I have become a big fan of Sabretooth. I shall return folks so be sure you stick around. Peace out people!

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