How to Draw Jubilee

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Begin by making an oval shape for her head, and then add the facial guidelines. Once that is done draw out the shape of her torso, and then the outlined shape of her thighs like so. Add the arm lines and then move onto step two.


Now you will sketch out her wild looking hairstyle and be sure to sketch in the side bang like so. When that is done thicken the face lining and then begin drawing out her jacket and undershirt.


Continue to sketch out her jacket by drawing in the sleeves, and be sure you add the folds and creases. Next, add the shirt lining like so, and then draw out her very baggy short shorts. Lastly, draw out her eyes in full detail, and then sketch in he   


Before you begin sketching out her legs, you will need to complete the upper body. Sketch out her arms, and then draw in her hands which are in the form of gloves. Be sure to add the wrinkles to her gloves, and then you can draw out her flowing jacke   


For your last drawing step, all you need to do is add her eyebrows, define her nose, and mouth, add her earrings, and then sketch in more detailing to the shirt, jacket, shorts, and knee caps. Draw the belt and then erase the lines and shapes that yo   


Now you are all done which means you can color her in. I hope you had fun learning how to draw Jubilee be sure to join me once again for more drawing fun.

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November 18, 2010

Description: Okay, who knows who Jubilation Lee is from Marvel Comics? If you remember correctly she is one of the few mutants from Xavier's X-Men team that is of Chinese descent. Well if you are one of the many that know who she is, you should know that we call her Jubilee and she is one of the more popular figures from the X-Men. She has seriously been through hell and back growing up as a kid. After she lost her parents from being killed by assassins. When her parents died she had to take care of herself for a while, and turned into a petty thief. She hung out a lot at the mall, and for a while there, she considered it to be her home. Jubilee kept eluding the mall security as they where always looking for her because she used to use the mall as a means to earn money. The security guards eventually called the M-Squad to try and rid the plaza from her presence, and when they came closing in on her, a team of all female X-Men came to her rescue. From there on out she was associated with Professor X's X-Men team. She also did some training with Generation-X along side Banshee, and she is also responsible for rescuing Psylocke. In general Jubilee is an all around great heroine and you can totally see why she is part of the X-Men. Her spunky attitude, and outgoing behavior makes her a favorite to many Marvel Comic book fans. I think you will enjoy learning "how to draw Jubilee" because she is really a colorful character even today. Peace out people, and enjoy your drawing day!

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