How to Draw Juggernaut

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You will be drawing this character from the front view which means it should be a bit easier than Sabertooth. Start by making the shape for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. Draw the shape of the torso, and then draw in the limb guideline   


Begin sketching out the helmet, and the massive muscular arms of Juggernaut. Don't forget to draw the wrist brace on his forearm too.


Draw out his hand that is coming at you, and then his right hand which is in a fist. Draw the bottom half of his body which is also his crotch, and then draw out the thighs. Make sure that the thighs are thick and muscular. Draw the brows, and then t   


Continue to draw out the eyes, and mouth, and then add more muscle definition to the arms like you see here. Sketch out his strong looking chest like so, and then add some detailing to his feet and boots.


Draw the finger nails, and then add more definition and detail to the legs, arms, wrist bands, and then the boots. Sketch out the detailing on his helmet, and then finish drawing out his eyes, nose, and mouth. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew   


Well guys, after a long hard lesson, you have finally drew an awesome villain from Marvel Comics. Just color him in, and you are all done. Great job people!

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October 20, 2010

Description: Who knows who Cain Marko is? If you are a big Marvel Comics fan you should know exactly who this figure is. If not, I will fill you in either way because I am so excited to be uploading this lesson on one of the popular villains from the Marvel Universe. Today for my second and last lesson on a comic book character, I will show you "how to draw Juggernaut", step by step. Now you may remember this character from the movie X-Men: The Last Stand. He is the one that is rescued by Magneto and Mystique, and he is also the villain that charges after Shadowcat as she tries to get to Leech before Juggernaut does. Leech is the bald boy in the flick that is being held by a doctor looking for a cure to rid the body of the mutant gene. The doctors initial research was started to try and fix his sons genetic mutation, and this character is known as Angel. Anyways, Juggernaut became who he is when he joined the military with his step brother Charles Xavier, you know, Professor X. Anyways, Cain has always been a troubled soul, and his behavior began when his mother died. You see, once his mother died, Cain used to get abused day in and day out by his dad. All the anger and repressed emotions turned him into an animal. One day during his time in the military, Cain took off on his own. Charles went after his brother to ask him to return to their unit, but Cain refused. Instead, he went into a cave that was home to Cyttorak which is an entity of great power. Cain went into the cave and obtained the ‘Crimson Gem of Cyttorak’, and when he touched it, his whole being turned into a human juggernaut. What is a juggernaut you ask? Well, it’s not one thing it’s more like an object that is used to force its way through objects or masses and that is why a juggernaut is known to be unstoppable. The initial sketch of this character was a challenge, but with persistence and determination, I finally got him done. I hope you guys enjoyed this description for this lesson on "how to draw Juggernaut", and like before, you can read more detailed information on Juggernaut just by going to Marvel Comics online site. I will be back in a while after I get my other lessons prepared for submission. Adios people, and have much drawing fun. Peace!

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