How to Draw Havok

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Begin by drawing an oval shape for Havok's head, and then add a connecting neck line to the torso you have to draw as well. When that is all done, make the shape of his bottom area, and then add the arm and leg lines.


Draw a straight line on the forehead for the helmet or head gear that Havok wears. When this is done sketch out the shape of his face, and then draw the thick neck, and his shoulder lines like so. When that is all set, you can continue to sketch out    


Continue to sketch out his muscle like arms, and then draw out the wrist bands, and fists like so. Draw the belt, and then begin drawing out the shapes or lining of his legs like so.


Finish sketching out his legs, and his feet like so, and then add the emblem shape on his belt. When that is done you can sketch out the shape of his face, and then be sure to add the eye lines, nose and define the face. Sketch out his hairstyle that   


Finish sketching out his face, and then add the final detailing and definition to his stomach, and hair. Draw in the X on his belt buckle which stands for X-Men and then start erasing all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is what he looks like when you are all done. Now you can color him in so he looks like the popular X-Men character that we grew up with. Thanks for viewing this lesson on how to draw Havok.

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November 16, 2010

Description: The next three lessons that I will be uploading is going to be on comic book characters from Marvel and DC Comics. Two are from Marvel, and one is from DC. Now, I was going to upload my version on a certain female villain from D.C. Universe, but then I said to myself, nah I'll just wait. So to start things off in the Marvel area, I will give you a lesson on Cyclops' brother Alexander Summers. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know that Scott Summers had a brother until I read the bio for the hero I am about to talk about. The reason for my super hero selection, is based on the fact that a new X-Men movie is coming out in 2011 called “X-Men: First Class”. The upcoming movie follows the lives of a young Charles Xavier, and a young Erik Lensherr in the beginning of their superhero and super villain lives. Of course back then they where close friends, and they worked together with other mutants new and old. The movie tells the story on how they started out, and when things went sour between them. It also tells how the war between them started Magneto's Brotherhood, and Professor X's X-Men tribe. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Havok", step by step and yes, he is a new hero that will be in the movie as well as Emma Frost, Darwin, Banshee, and so many more cool heroes and villains that we grew up loving. Now Havok is definitely a character that I remember as a child. I used to watch old reruns of the eighties X-Men cartoons. Anyways, Havok and his brother Scott are only alive because their mother pushed them out of a wooden plane that was engulfed in flames. She did this so they wouldn't be captured by aliens from the Shi'ar Empire. Once the boys where safe on earth they were hospitalized for all of their crash inflicted injuries. There is so much information about Havok which means telling you all there is to know about him is going to be almost insane. Instead, just follow the link I provided for you colored in red, and you will be taken to Marvel Universe. There you can read all the 411 on Alex Summers, and how he came to be a part of the X-Men crew. For now I hope you like learning "how to draw Havok", step by step, I will be back later with some more drawing fun. Peace people, and enjoy your drawing day!

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