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How to Draw Pig, Angry Birds

Artist: StealthElf / July 30, 2012
How to Draw Pig, Angry Birds

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines. (Like I allways start off)

Step 2.

Draw his eyes and snout.

Step 3.

Now do his eyes & nostrils.

Step 4.

Now his ears and eyebrows.

Step 5.

Do his earholes and body.

Step 6.

Erase the guidelines! YOU ARE DONE!

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Artist: StealthElf
Date Added: July 30, 2012
Steps: 6
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Tags: how to draw pigs
Description: So I was playing Angry Birds last night and I came across this. As first I thought was the Green Bommarang Bird, but was wrong. It was the green pig!