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How to Draw Bubbles, Powerpuff

Artist: StealthElf / July 26, 2012
How to Draw Bubbles, Powerpuff

Step 1.

Start by sketching the guidelines for Bubbles. Draw a large circle for her head & a snake-like line for her body.

Step 2.

Now start drawing her hair. Also draw out her pigtails.

Step 3.

Add the eyes. These are made up by a lot of circles. Then add the mouth

Step 4.

Start the body by drawing two circles for her hands, then add her legs.

Step 5.

Now finish her body. Draw four curved lines to do this - Two for her body and two for her belt.

Step 6.

Now you are done! All you need to do now is erase the guidelines!

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kattyangel123 · 3 years ago
Artist: StealthElf
Date Added: July 26, 2012
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Tags: how to draw powerpuff girls characters, how to draw the powerpuff girls characters, how to draw powerpuff girls
Description: So since I started hearing about powerpuff on DeviantART, I looked it up on GOOGLE. I found on images loads of pictures of Bubbles. So I thought I could share a tutorial with you!