How to Draw a Simple Pig

Artist: Dawn / May 26, 2010

Step 1.

Firstly, begin with the simple guidelines for the simple pig. Start with a large circle for the head and an enforcing circle behind the base of the head. This will hold up the details for the body. Don't forget the guidelines.

Step 2.

To make things simple, start with an outwards cone that caves over the facial guidelines. This will be the little snout that this cute pig beholds. Prepare to be vanquished by it's penetrating cuteness!

Step 3.

Start off this step by drawing the floppy ears and the eyes. Draw the right eye close to the side of it's face. Make sure it's lined up with the guidelines for accuracy. Don't forget to sketch the cute snout! If only pigs were this adorable...Once yo   

Step 4.

This step is very simple. Draw the pupils for those void eyes. Sketch the eyebrows and then the inner ear. See how cute he's turning out?

Step 5.

To make things easier, draw the body bit by bit. This means sketch out the rear and feet for the pig. You don't want to get too detailed with this little guy or else it'll be more complex. If you feel you have the skill, draw some hooves for him.

Step 6.

Finish off the tutorial by drawing the rest of the body. Under no circumstances, do NOT forget to draw the curly tail! See how the tail adds the ultimate awesome touch? Once you've finished all of these touch ups, you're totally done!

Step 7.

Here's what you're finished drawing should outcome to. Make sure you have all the elements of the face and body proportional. Look at those curious eyes! This character would suit any barn house scene. Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do   

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Kathyhua26 · 8 months ago
Great tutorial and awesome and funny comments!


Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 26, 2010
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Description: I hope everyone enjoyed that lesson on how to draw a cute panda! This time, I have another lesson that will uplift the body, mind, and eyes. How many of you visit the zoo and go to the farm section? As a kid, I've been to a zoo where a farm area was available. They had wide varieties of different farm animals you could own. I browsed and came across a pig den. Inside was the most cutest baby pig ever. It had large eyes, tiny snout, and stubby piggy legs. It was a smaller version of Babe.In this lesson, I wanted to make a childhood memory alive by teaching you "how to draw a simple pig", step by step. This lesson was a whole lot of fun creating. The face keep me excited and wanting to draw lots more of these simple pigs in different poses. There's actually been members asking me if I could create a simple pig tutorial. I really wanted to satisfy those waiting people with the strike of this lesson. Learning how to draw a pig's face will be the easiest because all it is is a few shapes with style.This will probably a great lesson for all the teachers and parents that want to give their kids a fun lesson on how to draw a simple pig. I plan on doing many other tutorials on the various farm animals that you could own. Speaking of animals, the new Cats and Dogs 2 movie is coming to theaters soon. My siblings are a fan of the movie and they use my lessons on the pets that I have here. Anyways, the background is pretty simple. I searched a reference picture on google and went on from there. I used a large soft brush to spot the green grass. Afterwards, I created the barn yard. The outlines add a nice touch to the pig because everything is too bright. The animal itself already drags all the viewer's attention. Well, hopefully you peeps will enjoy this fun filled lesson on how to draw simple animals step by step! Thanks so much for viewing and have fun experimenting. Over and out folks!