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How to draw Nightmare, Metroid

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / September 6, 2013
How to draw Nightmare, Metroid

Step 1.

First, draw out the face of nightmare. Its is just a simple circle. Notice that the eyes are a little bit above where the eyes are suppose to be.

Step 2.

Now draw out the frown on Nightmare's face, along with the two hollow eyes. The left one is slightly smaller compared to the right eye.

Step 3.

Now draw six stitched marks on Nightmare's mouth. On each strand there should be a circle on the end of the line. Near the eyes should be a tube like marks that go through his eyes, but don't overlap. On the right eye, it is just a single line.

Step 4.

On the top of Nightmare's face should be two curved and bumpy lines. On the bottom should be one curved line.

Step 5.

You are done with Nightmare's face. Now draw out the equipment surrounding it's face. Notice that all the corners except the top right corner have small curved line.

Step 6.

Ok, now you are done with Nightmare's head, draw out the body right below his head. Notice how it hunches a little bit to the right.

Step 7.

Now draw a pi shaped mark in the middle of Nightmare's body. In the middle should be another line sprouting from the top. On the lower lines, draw a half circle on the top line, and a square on the line below it.

Step 8.

You are done with the body of Nightmare, now you must draw out the oval shaped gravity device. It is pretty easy to draw, then draw a circle in the bottom left corner to show that there is an opening.

Step 9.

Now draw out two curved lines on the gravity device, and then two circles that are a little far apart from each other.

Step 10.

Now draw out the 3D marks on Nightmare's gravity device. On the top should be two lines that are curved and spread apart. It is going to overlap, so erase whatever is yellow. In the middle should be two lines that are only a very small distance apart   

Step 11.

Inside the circle you drawn in Nightmare's gravity device should be two curved lines. On the top of the device should be a curved line with three little lines sprouting from the right of it.

Step 12.

You are done with Nightmare's body, now you have to draw arm. Draw out a thick appendage with three little bumps that are coming from the front or Nightmare. Notice how the hand droops down a little but on one side.

Step 13.

This step might be complicated. Draw out the lines on Nightmare so it looks like he has three separate laser guns on his arms. At the end of each gun should be differently shaped marks on the back of his guns. The one on the bottom completely overlap   

Step 14.

To finish up Nightmare's arm, draw three circles, with circles in them for the holes of his guns. Then draw out the cord like fingers on the bottom. Near the shoulders should be three curved lines that grow bigger as they come out. Near the gun holes   

Step 15.

Now you are done with the left arm. Now draw out the outline of Nightmare's other arm. It's basically like the other arm, but there are two parts that bulge out of his hand.

Step 16.

Now draw out five lines on Nightmare's shoulder, kind of like the ones on the other arm. Then draw out differently curved lines way below his shoulder. In addition, draw four circles near the back of Nightmare.

Step 17.

At the bottom of his arm (or the hand) draw out the lines for a techno like design. On the arms, draw out three more circles, but draw the random design behind the circles.

Step 18.

All you need to do now is draw out Nightmare's two cord like fingers. Curve them smoothly to make it look like a wire. Then draw one curved line on the top finger, and two curved lines on the bottom finger.

Step 19.

You are done with the arms Nightmare. On the top of his head should be a line that curves to make his head look 3D. Then you have to draw the odd looking device on his back.

Step 20.

All you need to do now is draw a line that will connect on Nightmare's head to the device on his back. Then draw two parallel lines on the device. Then draw out two circles near the top of it. Near the poles should be two curved lines. Near the botto   

Step 21.

You are done with Nightmare! Color or leave him black and white to end your nightmare of drawing him.

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
Date Added: September 6, 2013
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Tags: how to draw metroid characters, how to draw metroid
Description: Hello there, I will be teaching you how to draw possibly gaming's scariest boss, Nightmare. I decided to do this guy because I knew that Halloween was coming up, and I would like to give the members of Dragoart a little early Halloween scare. Nightmare is a biological weapon made by the Galactic Federation in the games Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Other M. Nightmare has the ability to manipulate gravity, making it a pretty difficult challenge to those who never fought Nightmare. On the mask of this weapon is a very creepy doll mask (which will be shown how to draw in this tutorial) but under his creepy masks is a very vile green face of his. Nightmare in my opinion is probably the scariest boss I ever fought in a video game. I hope you guys enjoy! :)