How to Draw Ridley from Metroid

Artist: Dragoman12 / April 1, 2012

Step 1.

So here are 4 different poses that I was considering when drawing Ridley. Obviously I chose to do the second one, but was really close to drawing the first instead. I find doing this helps get to know the ins and outs of the character you are choos   

Step 2.

So start off with just some simple objects to depict where the subject will be, and how their limbs and other appendages will be positioned.

Step 3.

Then do the head. He has a massive forehead that basically takes up all the space for the rest of his head and has a long beak-like mouth with spikes on the corner of his jaw to give a more menacing appearance.

Step 4.

Here, add some thickness to the arms and put circles at the end to kinda plan out the hands. Also notice what a strange neck he has. It is actually has a joint in it and is super skinny. Finally put a line going down the length of his back to plan   

Step 5.

Now add thickness to the legs and put some flesh on the wings as well. The wings are almost like arms where they come to meet the bulk of the body, so there should be some similarity in the wings and the arms.

Step 6.

Now put hands on him and erase some of the guide lines since the picture is getting messy. Make sure you erase the RIGHT lines and not the ones you want to keep! Add feet to him since he needs to walk and define the tail.

Step 7.

So I wanted to give him an exoskeleton, basically a skeleton on the outside of his body, and here you see where that curvy line going down the back comes in handy. His vertebrae are a lot like plates overlapping each other and just go the length dow   

Step 8.

Now make the wings look more skeletal and put some vein-like things on his arms to make him look even more alien.

Step 9.

Now put some spikes on his head and add some small contour lines to the curved portion of his head to add some texture. Give him a nostril and add another contour line on his snout to make that look hard and skeletal too. Teeth are also important s   

Step 10.

Now give him some ribs and a sternum. Also add a pelvis to the mix to make this guy even more like a flying skeleton.

Step 11.

Now add some muscle to his legs and outline a knee and shin bone going down both. At the end of his tail, add a scythe-like bone blade to show this guy means business. Add some more contour lines also to the muscle on his legs to show how fit he is   

Step 12.

Ink it and congratulations, you are done!

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Artist: Dragoman12
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Description: Here is yet another dragon tutorial that I did off a request. I must say that it was fun even though to this day I still don’t have a clue who Ridley really is because I have never played Metroid before. Regardless, I still had a fun time and enjoyed the challenge. I hope you all have as much fun with this as I did!