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How to Draw Bastiodon, Pokemon

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / October 2, 2013
How to Draw Bastiodon, Pokemon

Step 1.

First what you want to do is draw out Bastiodon's colossal head. On the top should be three small spikes at the top of his head, and two bigger spikes on the top. At the bottom however should be four spikes, somewhat similar to the top.

Step 2.

On the top of Bastiodon's side horns, draw curved lines that connect to each other. On the middle horns, draw two small vertical curved lines. In the middle of the head, draw a curved pointy nose, with a small mark next to it to give a good 3D effect   

Step 3.

Near the nose, draw out two horizontal horns. They both will overlap, so erase the lines in yellow. You can see the circle like mark go on Bastiodon's nose, while the left one's beginning pointing is hidden. Below the nose should be three bean shaped   

Step 4.

Now draw out "D" shaped marks on Bastiodon's head, inside of them should be another "D" shaped mark. You will notice that on the bottom right corner, there is another bean shaped mark that you need to draw, it runs perfectly along the outline of Bast   

Step 5.

It's time to finish up Bastiodon's head. On the bottom, there are two small marks similar to the top of the head, on the left side, it is bigger. Draw out the eyes and pupil of Bastiodon, below the right eye, draw two small curved lines to show his s   

Step 6.

Alright! you are done with Bastiodon's shield head, now draw out the outline of Bastiodon's body with the stubby tail.

Step 7.

On the top of Bastiodon's body should be a piece of his body with three large bumps on the top, and one small bump, it is the same for the bottom of the part of what you just drew.

Step 8.

Near the feet should be two marks that have sharp bumps on them. From the top of them should be curved lines extending to the head, or in a diagonal upward right direction.

Step 9.

Now right below, draw out Bastiodon's three toed feet. the feet connect the upper legs, so erase anything that is marked in yellow.

Step 10.

For the final step, draw out the nails of Bastiodon, pretty self explanatory, that will finish your drawing!

Step 11.

You are done with Bastiodon! Color it if you want to, and use this step to help you if you missed any parts that you needed to draw.

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
Date Added: October 2, 2013
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Tags: how to draw pokemon, how to draw pokemon characters
Description: Hello everybody, I will be teaching you how to draw the shield Pokemon, Bastiodon. Before I jump into this tutorial, I just wanted to say this tutorial is for my friend, Charmanderswagg, she requested me to do this tutorial. Now into the Pokemon itself, Bastiodon is the shield Pokemon, that was introduced in the 4th generation, or the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games. Bastiodon is the evolution after another Pokemon named Shieldon. Bastiodon has made an appearance in the anime series and manga series as well. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!