How to Draw Garchomp, Pokemon


First, Draw out the guidelines of Garchomp.


After you got your guidelines down, draw out the upper top of Garchomp's head. Then draw out the small nose, and the outline of the eye.


On the sides of Garchomp's head, draw the ears (at least that's what I think they are lol) and draw lines that will connect to his head. Then draw out two curved lines on the ears. On the right side, you must erase the outline between the two lines t   


Now draw out the mouth along with a small oval inside to make the mouth and tongue. See the line near the jaw of Garchomp? Erase that part.


From where Garchomp's mouth is, draw a small curved line going down. Then draw a row of three teeth on Garchomp's mouth, and two teeth on the top. Then draw Garchomp's iris and pupil.


You are done with Garchomp's head! Now draw out the outline of Garchomp's body. Don't draw in where his arms are going to be, it will make it slightly harder if you do that.


After you did that, draw out two lines that connect to the bottom line that you didn't connect. Near Garchomp's upper body, and where you drew the line, draw out a thin horizontal line for the bone marks. Then on the lower body, draw the belly with t   


Now draw out Garchomp's skinny and bony arms, then draw the claw at the end of it.


Now draw out the two fins of Garchomp, and two spikes on his upper arm.


Now draw out the small details near the lower torso of Garchomp. Draw a curved line from Garchomp's neck to the left arm, you just drew his back fin. On the other side of his neck, draw three lines for the gills.


You are done with Garchomp's body! Now draw out the legs along with the three-toed feet. In the middle of the legs, they curve in, so keep that in mind.


On the feet, draw small arcs to make Garchomp's nails. On top of the foot, draw out the three curved horizontal lines. On the left leg, draw three small marks on the upper part, and on small line on the right.


Below the lower torso, erase the line that connects the lower body, then the shark tail. The tail is behind his leg and fin, so keep that in mind when drawing it.


For the final step, draw out four two spikes on Garchomp's hips, then draw the lines on his tail right in front of the fin.


Ok! You are done drawing Garchomp! Feel free to color in Garchomp if you want, and make sure you add him to your pokemon drawing collection!

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November 15, 2013

Description: Hey everybody, for this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to draw one of my favorite dragon type Pokemon, Garchomp. Garchomp made an appearance in the 4th generation, or the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum series. Garchomp is also known as the Mach Pokemon, and its appearance is a land shark. This tutorial was made a little differently, I made some guidelines to most likely help you guys draw this better. I hope you guys and girls like this tutorial! :)

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