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How to Draw Metroid

Artist: Dawn / September 2, 2010
How to Draw Metroid

Step 1.

Start by making a circle shape, and then add three smaller golf ball shapes like you see here. When that is done you will add two curved guidelines which are for the teeth.

Step 2.

Next, fill in those shapes with small bead size balls and attach the tissue that is connected to the inside of the membrane tissue.

Step 3.

Okay, so far so good. Draw the lining for the what is supposed to be the mouth, ad then add some mild bold lining like so.

Step 4.

For your last drawing step, all you need to do is draw out the actual shape of this metroids head shape. You will then draw out the gum lining and then draw each individual tooth. Add some detailing and definition and then erase the lines and shapes    

Step 5.

When you're done you should have a drawing like the one you see here. Color it in and that's it.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 2, 2010
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Tags: draw metroid, how to draw metroid characters
Description: For my last tutorial I wanted to do a lesson on an alien that looks more like a sharp toothed brain. Does anybody remember the video game “Metroid”? Well, in the video game series there are these organisms that are from a planet named SR388. These odd looking creatures where first created by Chozo’s. This is an advanced race of bird like beings that lived on several planets like Zebes, and SR388. Now, metroids where used by Space Pirates as a bio weapon soon after they where created. Like all other types of organisms, they need to feed on something to sustain their very existence. For the metroid, they need to feed on life energy which is very much like how ticks feed on blood. These alien organisms have appeared in every Metroid game except for “Metroid Prime Hunters”. The lesson itself is going to be relatively easy to tackle, which means you will be done drawing these little buggers in no time at all. Well I guess that’s all I really have to say about these game characters, hopefully you have fun with drawing. That is all I have for you guys today, I will return tomorrow with some other stuff you can have fun with. Adios people, and please enjoy the rest of your drawing day.