How to Draw Dark Samus, Metroid Prime II

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / June 27, 2013

Step 1.

First, draw out the helmet of Dark Samus' head. Make sure it is equal so it doesn't look silly or crooked. Use guidelines to make it look more symmetric.

Step 2.

Now, draw out Dark Samus' triangular visor. Same story with the helmet, make sure it is symmetric by using guidelines.

Step 3.

To finish up Dark Samus' helmet, add skinny and long wrinkles on the forehead and the sides of the helmet.

Step 4.

Since you are done with the helmet, draw out the outline of Dark Samus' upper and lower torso. The lines in the middle is just guide for Samus' legs and body, you can draw them lightly if you want.

Step 5.

Now, draw out the necklace like mark on the neck, the wrinkles on the lower torso, the two circular like marks on the upper body, and the boomerang like shape marks in the middle torso.

Step 6.

To finish out Dark Samus' body, draw the veins lightly all over the body. Near the neck should be a small dot, and below it should be 2 small curves. At the arm area, draw three curved lines which will soon connect to the arms.

Step 7.

After upon completing Dark Samus' body, draw out the outline of Samus' phazon beam, arm, and shoulder. Make sure the shoulder is just below the head. Connect the shoulder to the body, where ever the line connects erase it (marked in gray)

Step 8.

All you need to do now to finish Dark Samus' arm is to add small circles that are random sizes, add veins on the arm, and make zigzag lines on the arm cannon. At the end should be a circle connected with two small lines.

Step 9.

Moving on to Dark Samus' other arm, draw out the shoulder like the other arm, and draw out the outline of Dark Samus' arm.

Step 10.

To round up the arm, draw small veins on Dark Samu's arm. Add small curved lines on the hand, and draw five slender fingers on the hand with two small lines on each finger.

Step 11.

Obviously now, you must draw out the legs of Dark Samus. Just draw out the outline of the lines shown in the picture to give a realistic look to Dark Samus.

Step 12.

For the legs, draw out the small half circle on Dark Samus' upper left leg, and a small triangle on the lower leg. On the right leg, draw a small circle with two curved lines connecting together. near the foot should be one curved line for each foot.   

Step 13.

For the final step of Dark Samus, draw out the five toes on the foot, along with lines showing the bones. Then draw out the vein on the foot, don't be afraid to overlap it. For the other foot, draw out the end of it, and put a line through it. Then d   

Step 14.

You are complete with this tutorial! If you missed any parts of the drawing, use this to help you. Feel free to color it if you like.

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
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Description: Hello everybody, I will be teaching you how to draw Dark Samus from the game, Metroid Prime II Echoes. Dark Samus appears pretty early in the beginning of Metroid Prime II, she almost exactly identical to the regular Samus, but the only difference is the colors, looks, and Dark Samus uses Phazon. Dark Samus is powered by a radioactive substance know as "phazon" which Dark Samus uses to defeat Samus. Samus has to fight Dark Samus three times in Metroid Prime II. The Metroid Prime II game was on the GameCube, then made a return on the Wii called Metroid Trilogy. Hope you guys enjoy. :)