How to Draw Nightmare Bonnie

Artist: Dawn / January 2, 2017

Step 1.

For the first step all you have to do is draw a head guide and then draw the guide for the jaw. Sketch in the facial guidelines then you can proceed to step two.

Step 2.

For this first step we will draw the snout for Bonnie and then sketch in the mouth opening line. The upper part of the mouth should have creases in it. Draw the nose too.

Step 3.

UP next, finish the mouth by drawing another second mandible. Add sharp pointy teeth and then sketch in some whisker holes and the rest of the snout shape.

Step 4.

Here is where we will begin drawing the bottom part of Bonnie's nightmarish mouth and the jaw. It's very thick and bold and has a lot of creases or cracks. Add some small bits of wires and detail the nose.

Step 5.

We will begin sketching out some of Bonnie's head structure. As you can see it's cracked or ripped. Once that is done draw in the eyes in different sizes and styles. When you are done with the face, erase some of those facial guidelines and sketch in   

Step 6.

For the most part Nightmare Bonnie's face is done. We will start this step by drawing the flopped over ear. Notice that it is extremely tattered and has stitches and wires.

Step 7.

All you have to do here is draw in Bonnie's other weathered ear. Add the definition to the ear's surface as well.

Step 8.

Here is the tricky part. You will need to draw in Nightmare Bonnie's hands but they are in the form of long talon like fingers. The claws are long and skinny as well. The fingers are made up of layers and should be drawn in the same manner you would    

Step 9.

This is the last drawing step for Nightmare Bonnie. You will take your time as you sketch out her nightmarish body starting at the neck and move down to the shoulders, arms and torso. The detailing to the skin or body surface should be defined with s   

Step 10.

Before you color in the hollows, erase the mistakes and guidelines. The hollows are located where you see the dark red solid spots. Once you are done adding the final touches you are finished with your drawing.

Step 11.

That's it. Now all that needs to be done is some color. Of course you do that when you have erased your mistakes and guidelines/shapes.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Are you ready to be scared out of your wits? Well, if you are the type that frightens easy, than I suggest that you look away because you are about to draw a nightmare. As requested by my little sister, here is how to draw Nightmare Bonnie, step by step. As you know there are a bunch of Nightmare versions of all Five Nights at Freddy's characters. I think Bonnie is one of the scariest ones. She has these long fingers with thick pointed claws for nails. The drawing took about two hours and I am very excited to be uploading this lesson for all you Five Nights at Freddy's fans to enjoy. Have fun with drawing Nightmare Bonnie and I will be back soon with more tuts for you all to enjoy.