How to Draw Nightmare Foxy


Let's start off with some guides to create the head and beak.


Up next, begin sketching out Nightmare Foxy's face which consists of the lower jaw and upper part of the head and mouth. Draw some spiked chunks for the hair and then add some wires coming from the head.


Next, you will need to take your time as you draw out the small jewel like eyeballs and when you do this, be sure that the skin is ripped and exposed. Add the wires inside the mouth to make the mouth look like it's stretching apart.


You will now draw or sketch in the massive detailing to the snout, bottom jaw and cheek. These details should be deep grooves, ripped skin and scuff marks.


Up next, take your time as you draw out the even row of razor sharp teeth.


Draw in more teeth in between the ones you just drew to add the opposite row inside the mouth.


Next, draw in the slithering, snake shaped tongue and then add some stripes on the tongue. You will also draw the connective skin tissue on the mouth as well.


Here we will draw the fox style ears. When you do this you will need to draw them beaten and tattered. Add some small wires from the sides and at the base.


Lastly, sketch in the shoulders, neck and back. Add detailing to the body which is the stitched rips and wires. Erase all the mistakes you might have made along with the guides/shapes.


When you are all done you should have a finished drawing like the one you see here. The hollow areas should be colored in black like so for added detail.

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July 1, 2015

Description: Have you prepared yourself for another frieght? I hope so because we are about to embark on a task that will teach you how to draw Nightmare Foxy, step by step. I think Foxy is just as creepy as Bonnie, but what makes this Five Nights at Freddy's character more scary is the long snout and sharp teeth. Foxy's eyes are all warped and the face/head is almost torn to bits. I don't know why I'm having so much fun with these tuts, I think it's because they are so cool looking. Anyways, I hope you don't get too scared with drawing Nightmare Foxy. I had a lot of fun remaking this FNAF character and I hope you do too. Adios amigos, enjoy.

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