How to Draw Foxy and Chica

Artist: ErinG30 / May 10, 2015

Step 1.

First start with Chica. Lines and circles, lines and circles and so on. You may notice on the arms that the are lines going outwards by the shoulder blades and elbows and hands, those are how thick her arms are going to be for now.

Step 2.

Now Foxy's guidelines. The arm stretching to Chica might be a bit difficult. It confused me a lot. I did the same thing with the outward lines like with Chica

Step 3.

Now do Foxy's head. I don't think I should explain because the guidelines say it all. Just add the teeth

Step 4.

Now comes Foxy arm and body next. Those lines going outwards help eh? Add scratches and a touch of disrepair to Foxy as well. We can add more later.

Step 5.

Now do Foxy's other arm. When you get to Chica's 'head' I would recommend pressing lightly with your pencil. Rest Foxy's hand on Chica's 'shoulder'

Step 6.

Now Chica. Chica's head is really easy. you could just go over the guidelines and then put three little feathers on top. Then do the shoulder blade Foxy hasn't got his hand on. Don't forget the bib either.

Step 7.

Now do Chica's arms. Her hands in shock. I guess she doesn't like Foxy in my mind.

Step 8.

Now do Chica's body. No description needed

Step 9.

Now make Foxy in more disrepair. Rip his chest open a bit. Add more detail. Add more tears and give him his pupils. Add to Chica as well, like, give her pupils and her nostrils? Does she have nostrils? I can't remember. Eh, adding them anyway.

Step 10.

Now erase all the guidelines and... Tada! You have your very own 'love' scene. Now go do what the heck ya want to do with it.

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Artist: ErinG30
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