How to Draw a Sexy Smurfette


Let's make some guides to create the head, torso and hip sections. When that is done sketch in the facial guidelines and limb guides.


Up next, define the shape of her face using the guides you just made and then add an eyelash.


You will use the facial guidelines to draw out the oval shapes of her sultry eyes and make sure that the lashes are long and curled. Draw the nose and lips, then proceed to step four.


Now finish the shape of her face, then draw the arms and her chest which is busting out from being big.


Up next, we will draw her long wavy hairstyle. It's a bit longer and curlier than her normal straight style.


Draw the cone shaped hat next and then move to step seven.


We will continue to work on the body aspect of Smurfette by finishing her torso and then draw in her curvaceous hips. You will also need to draw in the torn lining for her daisy duke shorts.


Draw in one leg completely which is a thigh, leg and shoe.


Finish this sexy version of Smurfette by drawing her left leg and hip. Erase the mistakes along with the guidelines/shapes.


Here is how your line art looks when you are all done. Now you can color in sexy Smurfette and show people what you have done.

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June 29, 2015

Description: Did you ever wonder what a sexy version of Smurfette would look like and what kind of sex appeal she would have if she had red hair? Well, seeing how someone keeps asking me to make a lesson on how to draw a sexy Smurfette, I thought I would switch things up a bit and color her with blonde hair, and I also added some freckles to her cheeks. Sometimes redheads have more fun, but then again sometimes they get isolated from fun because a lot of the time they are refereed to as gingers and not the hot kind. Anyways, I sort of went with a Betty Boop like pose and made Smurfette have a more curvaceous body. I hope this is what you wanted to see and if it's not, at least it's a different version of Smurfette you haven't seen before. Adios people and have fun.

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