How to draw a manga girl on MS Paint

Artist: jellybray / June 7, 2012

Step 1.

okay draw the guide lines, this was hard cuz im not a guide lines person...-_- hopefully this helps you. :)

Step 2.

This helps me figure out the shape of the head. so use the curve tool and- well, use it some how. i hope im explaining okay. Im bad at explaining

Step 3.

Okay now i got lazy so it looks wierd... i think but use the curve tool and ajust it till it looks like a manga head with a smallish like neck.

Step 4.

Use the straight or curve tool ur choice. And draw the arms. Make sure they look more relaxed since she's just chasing a bug. Don't make them look tense unless she is reaching out to somebody.

Step 5.

Now use the curve tool to make the hand or use the paint tool to plan it out IN A DIFFRENT COLOR then trace it with another color then white out the planning color.

Step 6.

Now use the paint tool or curve tool to make the skirt and the shirt/dress. Can't make up my mind... >-

Step 7.

i got sick of the giude lines so i erased them except for the top one to help me with the hair. And i JUST noticed the empty space so im keeping that up till the end. now use the curve tool to make the top part of the shirt/dress, the belt like thin   

Step 8.

Now draw the facial expression and the hair with the curve tool...

Step 9.

Now draw that cute widdle buggy! :3 Then draw the wings and the lines....

Step 10.

Now your done! Have fun coloring! :D i decided to be nice and erased the "just noticed" thing... ur welcome...

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Artist: jellybray
Date Added: June 7, 2012
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Description: Well i give credit to LoveTheNekos for the hair design (coloring), and Kaitlin Vines for the hair shape, this is my first tutorial hope u like and i plan on making more if this one is good... -_- so please omment and if things need to be rearranged and/or if you have tips, tell me! :D enjoy! =3