How to Draw Neptune Vasilias


Make the shape for the head guide and then draw the shoulder lines. Lastly, sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Define the shape of Neptune's face and then draw in the shape of the ear. Add detailing inside the ear, and then move to step three to proceed on with the task at hand.


Begin drawing Neptune's messy hair by making thick chunky layered strands.


Draw the back row of layered strands, and then you will finish this step as well as Neptune's head and hairstyle.


Okay guys the next thing we will do is draw in his face starting with the thick eyebrows. Color the eyebrows in, then draw out the shapes of his eyes. We will then draw the nose and mouth, Then draw the right ear and the goggles resting on his fore h   


You will now draw the shape of Neptune's neck, then draw the collars for both the sweater and undershirt.


Up next, we will draw the high pitched jacket collar that is neatly perched around Neptune's neck. Draw in the jacket flaps as well.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the shoulders, then draw the sleeves and shirt tie. Erase the mistakes and guides, then you can add detailing to the jacket.


This is the line art step and how your drawing should look when done. Color Neptune Vasilias in to really finish him off.

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January 9, 2015

Description: I don't know how many people follow the RWBY series, but I have a lesson on another character from the anime. Today we will be learning how to draw Neptune Vasilias, step by step. He is a really cool older teen that has the personality of a free spirit who has a very calm demeanor about the way he is. He has a very tan complexion with blue colored hair and bright eyes. I like his character design so it was really fun drawing Neptune Vasilias from RWBY. I hope you enjoy this tut too so let me shut up so you can get started.

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