How to Draw Roman Torchwick from RWBY


Let us begin with a head guide followed by shoulder guideline. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Define the shape of Roman's face like so, then draw in the bangs which brush the surface of his forehead.


Up next, draw in the very stiff looking top hat, and be sure to curl up the lid like you see here.


Add an indent at the top of the hat like so, then draw in the crisscross band or ribbon bound at the base of the hat. Draw in more of Roman's short edgy hairstyle as well.


Since one side of Roman's face is covered with hair, you will just need to draw the eyebrow and eyelid.


Finish the eye shape, then draw in some lashes, a nose and then his mouth which is in a pleasant smirk.


Proceeding on with Roman Torchwick, draw in the shape of his neck, followed by the thick, ruffled up lining for what appears to be a scarf that he wears around the neck.


Now draw the large ring around the neck for the heavy leather style jacket he wears like so.


All scarves need to be tied so that is what you will do here, draw a tie and then sketch in the shoulders/arms which will then form the upper body or torso for Roman Torchwick.


Here you have it, the last drawing step. As you can see a majority of this step is all about adding borders and trim detailing at the collar and ripples and folds for the scarf. You will also need to draw the flap for the jacket where the buttons res   


Roman Torchwick from RWBY is ready to be colored in. I hope you had fun today, be sure to come back tomorrow.

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November 20, 2014

Description: If you are one of the folks who requested a lesson on this RWBY character then I think you will be pleased with the results. Up next and lastly for Dragoart tonight, I will show you "how to draw Roman Torchwick", step by step. Unlike some of the main characters of the series, Roman is what you call a supporting cast member. He has red hair wears a black colored top hat with a red band at the base, and he wears a classy clothing style that is hard to miss. RWBY is pronounced RUBY and it has been part of the anime web community since 2013. Enjoy this lesson on drawing Roman Torchwick. Adios folks and goodbye.

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