How to Draw Chibi Yang Xiao Long From RWBY


Draw a circle for the head and then two more shape to form the body frame. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Use the head guide to draw out the pretty, wavy hairstyle. Start with the bangs and then draw the layers of curls. Yang Xiao Long has long, wavy hair.


Define the shape of her chibi face, then draw in the large chibi eyes with an innocent expressive face. Make sure the eye lids are thick. Add the eyebrow and mouth.


Okay, the hair and face is done. Now you can draw the shoulders, scarf and then draw the arms and hands. Don't forget to draw the bracelets on her wrists as well.


Add a layer of detailing by drawing the vest and some of the shirt.


Finish almost the whole body design which is the legs and waist. When that is done draw the belt and then draw the length of the jacket. Add detailing and move to step seven.


Lastly, draw the shoes and then draw in the lining for the pants and boots. Erase your mistakes and guidelines/shapes before calling this drawing finished.


That's all there is to it folks, color in your drawing of chibi Yang Xiao Long and you are done.

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April 26, 2015

Description: How about another lesson on a RWBY character in chibi form. As requested, here is a lesson on a pretty blonde who is rough, tough and full of fire. I don't know whether it's her straight forwardness, or her ability to have serious confidence in herself. That is why someone like Yang Xiao Long from RWBY makes an awesome figure to turn into a chibi. Having said that, here is how to draw chibi Yang Xiao Long, step by step. I think you will find this lesson both fun and exciting. When you're done I really wish more people would share their artwork. I love looking at new art from people all over the world.

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