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How to draw Mudkip Gir

Artist: Mhutch / October 14, 2012
How to draw Mudkip Gir

Step 1.

First you just simply draw the faces outline. Draw it lightly for you will be erasing some of it later. Sorry for the quality.

Step 2.

Now your going to add cheecks, eyes, nose and stiching. The eyes are big circles. Place the pupils where it will make him slightly cross eyed. His cheeckas are half circles with little points coming out.

Step 3.

Now you just simply add mudkips "head piece". theres no way to explain how to draw it so just look at the drawing.

Step 4.

Now your going to draw girs torso. The only difference between the normal torso and the mudkip gir torso is the tail.

Step 5.

Now you add and color in girs feet. theyre just half ovals.

Step 6.

Now you just color it in however you like. Comments and thoughts.

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Artist: Mhutch
Date Added: October 14, 2012
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Tags: draw pokemon
Description: My first ever tutorial! Recently dawns been posting lots of gir tutorials. So heres my spin on an original one. MUDKIP! Hes one of my favorite pokemon and the others already had gir things so here he is. Enjoy and Comment.