How to Draw Wurmple, Pokemon

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Make a circle for the head then sketch in the facial guide.


The next thing you will do is begin drawing out the form of Wurmple's face. Start with the snout, then add the shape for the left eyes, as well as the spike on the forehead.


Starting from behind the spike, draw a horn shape then continue the lining down the back making sure to include the jagged lines and small spikes. Color in the eyeball then add the mark on the nose or snout.


Here you will continue to draw out the body in a real crimp style way. Add the small bumps or spikes on the sides of the body as well as up near the neck.


To finish off Wurmple all you need to do is draw the rest of it's body out along with the small spiked legs. Add the two horned spikes for the tail, then make the scale lines on the underside. Erase your mistakes like so, then you are ready to see ho   


Here is the Pokemon when you are all done. Color it in and add this drawing to your Pokemon species sketch book. Great work people, keep it up!

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June 8, 2012

Description: Here is a character from Pokemon that was sort of odd to draw. It's species name is Wurmple, and it's one of those critters that has the ability to evolve into two different species. Wurmple is definitley a unique looking Pokemon. Starting at level seven, Wurmple can either evolve into Cascoon or Silcon. It all basically depends on the personality value which is an evaluation of the Pokemon when it is first encountered or interacted with. It is also completely random as to what Wurmple will evolve into which means the Pokemon handler has no way to manipulate the outcome of evolution results. These Pokemon look a lot like a caterpillar mixed with a centipede. The whole top portion of their bodies are red in color, while the underbelly is a cream shade. They have a series of pointed spines as well as a few spikes that stick right out from their hides. Wurmple's also have small silver like spikes for legs with five on each side of their body. One of the more dangerous things for Wurmples is how they are prey for Swelloes and Starlys. The only way they can protect themselves is by pointing their poison filled spikes in the same direction as the predators that seek them out. This lesson on drawing Wurmple will definitely be fun and easy. It's almost like drawing a worm, the only thing you're doing extra is adding some spikes. have fun folks and be sure to rate, comment or even fav the lessons you view today. Peace out people and enjoy!

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