How to Draw Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus


Start off by drawing an outlined shape for the face, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, sketch out the actual contours of Miley's face shape which is going to be drawn in on a 3/4 angle. Sketch in the lining for her spiked bangs, then draw out the shape of her ear and hair line on the side of her head.


Next, begin drawing or sketching out the eyebrows which are thin but dark. Add the lining for her nose, then proceed to step four.


You are already almost done with the new Miley Cyrus. All you have to do next is sketch out the shapes of her eyes, along with eyeballs, and lashes. Add thick lining to the top of her lid, then proceed to step five.


Next up, draw in the nose and nostril, followed by her lips or mouth. Miley has full lips so make sure that they are sketched out to look this way. Draw in the detailing inside her ear, then proceed to step six.


Now we will sketch out her famous short hair. It's Miley's hair that drew so much attention to her when she first chopped it all off. Here you will simply sketch out the hair in a spiked manner. The back of the head and some of the small pieces of ha   


All that needs to be done now is the addition of her neck and shoulders followed by her chest and jacket detailing. Add her collar bones at the base of her neck, then clean up the mistakes and guidelines.


Here is Miley Cyrus when you are all done. Color her in if you like or leave the drawing as a sketch.

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July 1, 2013

Description: I'm sure all you Miley fans out there are aware that Miley Cyrus has a new song that has a catchy phrase called 'We Can't Stop'. Unfortunately the actions she does in the video are little provocative so all you young fans of Miley might be a bit confused by her dance moves and actions. Anyways, I thought since Miley was rocking a new look, I should make an updated tutorial on her so all you artists out there can have fun learning how to draw Miley Cyrus as she looks today. She is no longer Hannah Montana, she is all grown up and she is taking on the world her way. Anyways, have fun drawing Miley folks, I will be back in a bit people so stick around.

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