How to Draw Saddam Hussein, Saddam Hussein


Make a shape for Saddam's head like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines. Draw the shoulder line, then move to step two.


Here you will sketch out the beginning lining for his face. Notice that he has a double chin.


Next up, begin the drawing process for his eyes, which are squinted. The amount of skin that rests on his eyes makes his stare heavy. Sketch out the nose, then draw in the bags under each eye. You will also need to color in the eyeball.


Here you will draw the thick eyebrows and color them in solid.


The first thing you will do here is sketch out the mouth, then draw in and color his thick mustache. When that is done you can add the frowning lines that start on the sides of his nostrils and extend down to the corners of his mouth.


Sketch out the rest of his big head, then draw in the hair line as well as the ear and jawline. Add detailing to his ear and hair.


Lastly, you will dress him up by drawing the shirt collar, undershirt collar, then the broad shoulder lining. Erase the mistakes and then add detailing to his clothing.


Here is the line art for Saddam Hussein. Now you can choose to color him in.

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June 18, 2013

Description: In this lesson we will be drawing another face from our history even though the face is not that far into the past. Here is "how to draw Saddam Hussein", step by step. Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti has made a name for himself both in a negative manner, and in a positive one. I say negative because to the United States he was a criminal, but to his own people he was a savior. Of course some of his people also felt that he was a monster but that is a question of how those people saw him. The United States first started seeking justice against Saddam Hussein when President George Bush and the British Prime Minster Tony Blair made accusations that he was harboring weapons of mass destruction as well as being involved with the al-Qaeda. I'm not going to get into the politics of this man and what he was accused of because then we will have debates all over Dragoart. I just feel that figures that played roles in our history should have lessons made on them. Drawing Saddam Hussein is a learning experience as well as an artistic one. Enjoy the tut folks and stick around.

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