How to Draw Miley Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Fusion


We will start with three guide shapes, a head, torso and butt end. When that is done you can draw the arm and leg guidelines, then add the hand and foot guide shapes.


Begin drawing the shape of Miley Bieber's face like so, then add the ear and earring too.


Draw the sunglasses, then move to step four.


Here you will draw in the nose, and thick shapely upper lip.


Draw the front teeth which are very comical, then draw the bottom lip.


To give Miley that Justin Bieber look, draw thick eyebrows and color them in. Add detailing inside of the ear as well.


Now we can draw the shape of the head followed by the wild hair that is short on the sides, and long but combed back on top. Add the speckles on the side of the head to show that hair is buzzed off.


Are you ready to draw the body now? Good, start with the neck, then draw the skinny arm and hand which is going to be holding a mic.


You can now draw Miley/Justin's body. the back and torso should be first, then draw the butt cheeks which are pretty well defined to fit between the pole.


Just draw in the mic and add some finger detailing as well as nails.


Draw Justin/Miley's other arm and hand like so, as you can see it's wild looking.


Almost done folks. Draw the legs and feet in a very barbaric angled manner. When that is done move to the last drawing step.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the pole that is between the cheeks, then draw the bra like top and underwear like bottoms. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


There you have it. A fused look at how crazy a Miley Bieber creation would look like. Now you can color in this figure to make it complete.

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May 9, 2014

Description: Well here it is, the tutorial that has been getting the type of response I was looking for when I uploaded the finished picture to my Facebook. Here is my take on a fusion of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. I call this tutorial, "how to draw Miley Bieber", step by step. As you can see the clothing that this fused character is wearing cororlates with what Miley is known for wearing on stage as she performs her famous tweark moves. The hairstyle, body style and sunglasses is all Bieber. I had so much fun with making this lesson and I know it will get a variety of comments. All I can say is, its all done out of good fun so enjoy it. Adios people and like I said, have fun drawing Miley Bieber.

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