How to Draw Tribal Katy Perry


Begin with a simple line to form Katy's face shape like so.


You will then add the other side of the face which is mainly her hair and eye. The hair will frame the face but later on will create the shape of the head with hair.


Draw the other eyebrow and eye shape like so. You will also start adding shading to form the depth and nose bridge.


Color in the eyeball and add detailing to the other eye in the form of lashes. Once that is done color in nose holes, and draw out her mouth. Also add shading to the mouth to create texture and detail.


Let's begin drawing the hair. Simply start by creating the outer shell. When that is done add the detailing inside the shell which will create the style once you color in certain areas.


Here is where you will add all that coloring to create the tribal effect. You will also add color to the right eye and eyebrow.


Add more coloring to create more of a dramatic effect like you see here.


Finish drawing tribal Katy Perry by drawing the opposite side of her hairstyle along with her shoulder line. Erase whatever mistakes you made.


Don't forget to draw Katy's dimple in her chin, and color her in if you like.

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April 28, 2014

Description: I might as well upload this lesson on a tribal version of Katy Perry. I have to say, she came out so pretty and looks awesome as a tribal concept. Here is "how to draw tribal Katy Perry" and I think all you fans of her music will love this tut. She came out with a new song called 'Birthday'. I heard it on the radio today and is one of those songs where you have to listen to it a few times before it clings to you. This is probably one of my favorite tribal drawings because it came out so clean looking. If also like drawing tribal faces, this is a great tut for you.

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