How to Draw Girls Generation - TTS


Sketch lightly the ovals with a No. 2 pencil. Don't make your sketch lines dark like mines. They are very dark to make it easier for you to follow. Also add the bisecting lines. Stay close as possible to the shapes in the picture.


The strange crescent shapes on the ovals is just a reminder that hair will be there. Draw in the curved shoulder lines.


The parallel lines are to help with eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth placement. Draw in these lines lightly.


Right now, drawing in these general shapes will make it easier to sketch in the details later. Go ahead and draw in the eyebrows, eyes, noses and mouths. Note there is an unfinished eyebrow on the 2nd head. Don't worry about drawing it in because it    


Now draw in lightly their hair. Line portions of their necks need to be added. The first figure needs a neckline. The second figure has a left shoulder added (facing you). The third figure needs a right shoulder (facing you) added.


Erase the guidelines and any other distracting lines. I let the shadow of my guidelines still appear so you can compare how different the picture looks when they are erased. If you apply your lines darkly, they will leave this shadow so sketch lightl   


MY TIP: If you feel your picture is not balanced, put it up to the mirror. Also take your reference pic and put it in the mirror too. That will help to expose what facial features are off. To measure out where the features go, take an envelope, piece   


This picture shows what pencils I use to get contrast and detail & how the lead appears in crosshatch, line, and circular shading. The pencil lead starts from light (H=hard) to dark (B=soft). The wonderful thing about mechanical pencils is that their   


The picture that goes with this step shows two different ways to hold your pencil to acquire certain effects. OVERHAND: Holding a sharpened pencil in normal writing form with fingers in the middle or near the lead gives you great control and thin/det   


Draw in some hairs to the eyebrows, add eyelashes and pupils to the eyes. You can do some subtle shading to the bridge of the nose. Feather in some bangs to the last girl. Where the hair parts on 1st & 2nd girl, add detailed strokes. The next steps s   


TIP: HAIR ROOTS. Basically, you're following the direction of object's shape, that is the hair. The hair will curl around, flow from, and slick to the head. The head is like a curved ball, so the hair extends from that ball by the arrowed directions.   


When you shade in a new area (like eyebrows, eyes, nose, or mouth), erase lightly or dab with a kneaded eraser that area you will start to shade. You can see this process with the eyebrows and nose. Now shade more under the eyes and around the cheeks   


If your face and lips outlines are too dark, lightly erase them. Now continue to shade the face.


Here we are detailing the mouth more. Just shade lightly at a diagonal slant. The cheek lines & lips are defined by this process. Also add a slightly darker shadows at the edges of their mouths. lips.


For drawing the eyebrow hairs realistically, click on this picture to see how the hair flows and how you can draw them. The hair flows down from the eyebrow arch. Also the hairs come up from the bottom of the eyebrow. Then they flow to a tip at the e   


Add strand lines & waves to their hair. Draw them lightly so you can easily blend in the lines. Shade down to their necks. Notice how everything starts out real simple then I build up on the picture. Always look at the reference, draw from it, and ob   


Long hair can take longer to create than a face. The curved & lines represent the direction of the hair strands & help to keep focus on drawing the hair. Add more hair strands & begin shading their hair.


Here is the beginning of shading the hair. The strokes are curved and go along with the basic shape of the hair groups. Actually, this is much like filling in lines in a coloring book. Still you need to start your pencil strokes from the darkest poin   


When you start darkening the hair, you'll notice doing it in layers gives a realistic look. Darken as you go along, looking at your reference. TIP REPEAT: When you start a stroke with your pencil, the beginning pressure is harder and ends up thicker    


Keep adding those hair strokes in the direction of the curls. It helps to keep looking at the reference and not assuming where the lines flow. TIP: For fly-away hair, I keep the lines there. After shading the hair more, look at the ref. pic. to see w   


Continue to shade the hair, filling in the white areas, adding detail like fly-away hair.


The blending stump can work miracles for your picture. Use the skinny, tiny one for small areas, like around the eyes, in the nose and mouth. The larger stump can blend larger areas, even the cheek areas and skin tone areas. Now if you want a really    


I took my graphite crayon (9B) and darkened the girls' hair in the darkest areas. I shaded with a No.2 & 4B pencil to add the dark background. Blended some more at the bottom of the picture to add a smoky look. Well, I hope you've had a great time le   

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May 27, 2014

Description: Girls' Generation-TTS is a popular sub-unit from the Girls' Generation group of 9 members. I decided to do a tutorial of the three members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. The sub-unit debuted on 2012 with their mini album “Twinkle” which became the highest charting K-Pop act on the Billboard 200—at No.126 Billboard 200. I thought 9 faces of the main group would be a bit crowded. Though it has been a long time since the last tut, I hope you enjoy this tutorial of Girl's Generation-TTS. Please show me your love by commenting, voting, or clicking like. Thanks!

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