How to Draw Tribal Lana Del Rey


Start off by sketching out Lana's face shape/structure. This should also include the hairline that will frame her face.


The odd outlined shape you see here is going to be the eye. This should be attached to the side of her face or hairline.


Next, draw in the lining for her nose, then draw the tribal formation of the left eye. Take your time so it comes out looking like the outline of her eye shape. The formation will make up the lashes and all.


Here you will add the more defined outline of the actual eyeball. Add some lashes and proceed to step five.


All you have to do here is add the tip of the nose shape, then add the indent for the lip.


Draw the lining to form the simple shaped lips. You will also add some shading to form the pocket or indent under the bottom lip. This will add dimension to her tribal face.


Carefully begin drawing her hairstyle which is almost always straight with a light wave. Start on the left side of the head, and just draw the outline of the style. You can then color in the inside of the shape you just created leaving some empty gap   


Draw and color in a hair chunk strand like so.


Add some hair at the root of her scalp, then draw and color in some strands at the ends of her style.


Color in the right side of the hairstyle which was basically already drawn out in step one. All you have to do here is color in some chunk like strands.


The lump of hair you will draw hair also needs to be colored in as you can see. This will also add shape to the head.


Finish this drawing of a tribal version of Lana Del Rey by adding more hair detailing. Color in the areas the same as you see here.


Now color in all the spaces on your paper so the drawing looks like the line art presented to you now.

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April 26, 2014

Description: It's ironic that I received a request to make a lesson on a tribal version of Lana Del Rey because I have been listening to her music an awful lot lately. Today I will be showing you "how to draw tribal Lana Del Rey", step by step. One of my favorite songs by this artist is 'Young and Beautiful'. I first heard the song when I was watching 'The Great Gatsby' and as soon as I heard it, I fell in love with the dreamy, but emotional quality of the song. I have to admit, I don't listen to a lot of music like the kind Lana makes, but I can totally listen to hers all day. I hope you enjoy this lesson folks. I shall return in a bit.

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