How to Draw Mei, My Neighbor Totoro

How to Draw Mei, My Neighbor Totoro
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Begin by making a circle for the head of Mei. Sketch in a facial guideline as well.


The next thing you will do is draw out the actual structure of her face. Notice how the cheeks come outward a bit. This is because she has a toddler like face and as you know toddlers have chubby cheeks. Draw the hair line on the side of her head alo   


Up next you will continue with drawing out the rest of the large rimed hat, and then draw in her bushy pigtails like so. They sort of look like pom poms. Next, draw in her face starting with the eyebrows, and shapes of her eyes. Sketch in a small nos   


Well guys, all you need to do now is sketch out her shoulders, and then make the short sleeve dress cuffs. you still see a little bit of her arm. Draw in the bow-tie shirt collar like so, then draw the straps for her dress. Also add a button as well.   


Here is the end results when you are finished. Grab your coloring tools because you are about to bring Mei from My Neighbor Totoro to life.

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May 1, 2012

Hey guys, I'm back once again with another tutorial. Instead of another superhero, I thought I would upload two more lessons on some characters from My Neighbor Totoro. Here is the human girl that is only five years old. Let's learn "<em>how to draw Mei</em>", step by step. As I just mentioned, Mei is only five years old and she, like all little girls, has a very wondrous and curious mind. What really gets Mei sad is when she sits there and thinks about her mother. Other than those days, she is as happy as can be. What really helps her out is having an older sister named Satsuki. In the story Mei is the first person to see Totoro. The day that Mei saw or met Totoro she was lost in the woods when she went to go see her mother. It was the help from Totoro, Neko and someone else I can't remember that helped get her out of the woods. To me Mei looks a lot like Ponyo with a hint of Curious George mixed in. No matter what she looks like, it's still going to be fun drawing Mei from My Neighbor Totoro. I will be soon with some more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see who or what it will be.

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