How to Draw Ashitaka, Princess Mononoke

Artist: Dawn / May 1, 2012

Step 1.

Well, once again we will be drawing a person in the form of an anime character. Start with making a circle for the head guide and then sketch in the facial guideline.

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the actual shape of the face. The easiest way to do this is to first start at the left temple, and then draw out the ear along with the shape of his jaw, chin, and right side of the face. When that is done you can dra   

Step 3.

Using the facial guide, begin drawing out the eyes starting with the eyebrows. Next, make slight arches for the top lids of his eyes, then draw out the nose and mouth.

Step 4.

Color in the actual eyeballs like so and then draw the bottom lid lines. Add some detailing on the nose in the form of a nostril, then sketch in the ear detailing as well as drawing another ear.

Step 5.

Finish drawing Ashitaka's hairstyle which is sort of bushy for a boy. His hair is puffy and the ends are softly jagged.

Step 6.

For the last drawing step all you will have to do is draw out the shape of his neck, along with the detailing of the collar bone. Draw in the shoulders as well as the collar of his gi style clothing. Erase the mistakes and guidelines that you made al   

Step 7.

Ashitaka should come out looking like the drawing you see here or close to it. Now you can get busy with coloring him in.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: The last character that I was asked to draw is also from the Studio Ghibli film, “Princess Mononoke”. Instead of a wolf, you will be drawing a boy that has been through a lot. Today I bring you "how to draw Ashitaka", step by step. Now Ashitaka is a boy that is from the the Emishi people. Along with the rest of his people, he was one of the many that had been defeated by the Japanese Emperor's government called the 'Yamato regime'. Now that he has nobody, he lives in hiding somewhere around the Northern lands. A few things that Ashitaka has going for him is his hunting skills, and how he has incredible nobility. He will stop at nothing to defend his village, which is why he was cursed with death due to him killing Tatari God, Just because he doesn't talk a lot, doesn’t mean he is a mute, he's just lays everything by ear. Anyways, I do hope those of you that are fans of Studio Ghibli's work will love this lesson on drawing Ashitaka. I enjoyed recreating him myself, so you should too. Gotta go so I can prepare more lessons for you all. Peace out and enjoy!