How to Draw Chibi Totoro, My Neighbor Totoro

Artist: Dawn / January 29, 2017

Step 1.

You will start your first step by making an egg shape like you see here, and then draw in the facial guideline.

Step 2.

Next step, begin drawing out the actual structure of chibi Totoro's head which should consist of rabbit style ears. You will then draw out the wide shaped body, then draw in the small arms.

Step 3.

Finish the body shape by capping off the bottom with a rounded shape. Draw a bump in the back for a tail, and then you can move along to the last drawing step.

Step 4.

All you have to do now is draw in the face by making some round circles for the eyes, color in a nose, and then draw the marking line around the belly. Add three odd bean shapes, then draw toes and claws. Erase any mistakes, then you're done.

Step 5.

Now you can color in chibi Totoro. I know you must have enjoyed this lesson because I know I did!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hello once again boys and girls, ladies and gentleman. I am back with more tutorials on your favorite anime characters from various films. Here is another lesson that will be submitted due to high request volume. In the past I have drawn some stuff on characters from a movie called ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. Today I will be uploading two more of those lessons. To begin let’s learn "how to draw chibi Totoro", step by step. I can see why folks would want to see a chibi version of Totoro. He is absolutely adorable in this child like form. As you can see Totoro’s small body and the big facial expression pairs together well with the drawing style. Even though Totoro is in chibi form, he is still guardian of the forest. The overall lesson should only take you about twenty minutes or so to complete. I think you will find that drawing My Neighbor Totoro characters is something that you can do for a while. I shall return with my second figure from the film so try to stick around to see who it’s gonna be.